Women in Dior – Sublime Elegance of a Portrait

“Women in Dior”, the exhibition at the Christian Dior Museum in Granville

femmes en dior exhibition 2016
Princess Grace of Monaco, Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Portman,Marilyn Monroe, Marion Cotillard… These illustrious names are the “Women in Dior”, icons of elegance who have worn Dior’s creations. As part of the Normandy Impressionist festival, the Christian Dior Museum’s “Women in Dior” exhibition invites visitors to discover designer’s work and inspiration through the women who have chosen and worn the creations of his fashion house. The exhibition runs through September 25th, 2016, at the Christian Dior Museum, located in the couturier’s childhood home in Granville, France.

The Femmes en Dior exhibition reveals the allure of the stars who wear Dior. These figures of elegance, from both France and other countries, include women from the worlds of the aristocracy, entertainment, theatre and cinema. Memories, anecdotes, family portraits, and press images all highlight the uniqueness of each woman in Dior.

dior dresses christian dior museum-exhibition 2016

Orchestrated by fashion historian and curator Florence Müller, “Women in Dior” invites visitors to explore the intimate relationship between these figures and their favorite outfits. Through its presentation of gowns, photographs, paintings, drawings and letters, the exhibition evokes the style of these women since 1947 and the way in which Dior creations were privileged witnesses to key events in their lives.

The exhibition is accompanied by the book Women in Dior – Portraits of Elegance, published by Rizzoli. Written by Laurence Benaïm, the French fashion journalist and author, it reveals the tastes and memories associated with the designs worn by these princesses, first ladies, movie stars, muses and friends of Christian Dior.

femmes en dior exhibition 2016-granville

femmes en dior exhibition 2016-granville- dior dresses christian dior museum-Ensemble du soir Diorissimo porté par Elizabeth Taylor dior dresses christian dior museum-ensemble de jour écossais porté par la Duchesse de Windsor entre 1963 et 1964 dior dresses christian dior museum-Collection Printemps-Eté 1954 ligne Muguet dior dresses christian dior museum-Cape de mariée portée par la princesse Soraya lors de son mariage le 12 février 1951 dior dresses christian dior museum- dior dresses christian dior museum dior dresses christian dior museum- Marc Bohan pour Christian Dior pour la collection Printemps-Ete 1962 dior dresses christian dior museum- le manteau de jour en lin La vie en rose porté par Jackie Kennedy en 1961