Why should girls learn coding?


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It’s long been known that there are far more men and boys who love coding, and the lack of women and girls in computer science is a well-documented problem. Let’s face it, technology is all around us and the demand for engineers and developers will only continue to grow.

Whether its in the classroom, home or through extracurricular courses, teaching girls how to code is helping to build the future leaders of innovation in our society.

In the US, women make up only 26% of people in computer science and mathematical occupations, 21% of computer programmers and 16% of those in architecture and engineering. Unfortunately, it still remains the case that women are underrepresented in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields, making it more important than ever to show girls how learning code can be both extremely beneficial and fun.

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Learn coding at home

There are a number of different ways that young girls can get into coding at home. Businesses like OKdo who offer a range of products that you can learn to code with, are at the forefront of helping young girls of all ages to get excited about coding.

Raspberry Pi kits, which are available online from OKdo, are ideal for beginners and come with all the hardware and software you need to get going! Parents and guardians can even get involved too.

Learn coding at school

Schools can also be vital in encouraging young girls to learn how to code. By developing a fun atmosphere in computer science lessons and teaching them about all of the future opportunities available to them, they can create a buzz about the industry.

Early exposure is crucial for things like coding as it helps to develop learning abilities. Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, Grace Hopper, Marissa Mayer and many other famous programmers showed interest in technology and science when they were children. However, learning to code can be a much more significant challenge later in life.

Children, on the other hand, tend to put a fun spin on a lot of things! They’re creative and have fun while learning new things and exploring new ideas. There really has never been a better time to encourage young girls to get into coding!

The demand will continue to grow

There’s no doubting that our world relies heavily on technology, or that the demand for people in tech will continue to grow. Teaching the basics of programming and coding to young girls, will give them more opportunities in the future.

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