Types of Shoes for Hiking


Hiking shoes must always be comfortable and this is rule number one. They will either support you on the way to the summit, or destroy the whole experience of your hike tour, so you need o choose them wisely and carefully. Below we described four main hiking shoes that will suit both men and women in order to help you identify which type you should be looking for.


Trail Running Shoes

As the name of this footwear says, trail running shoes are made for trail running or fast walking. They are perfect on a great variety of terrain, including dirt trails and uneven surfaces such as granite or sand. Keep in mind that trail running shoes have recently become a great option for people who are looking to maximize their time and distance traveled. Most frequently you will find this footwear in low cut versions with soft rubber soles that adds perfect flexibility while you walking to your goal. The great thing about trail running shoes is that you can get your pair of Mephisto shoes online without any problems and difficulties and at the same time pay much less money for them. The only important point here is to choose your size very carefully.


Hiking Shoes
Hiking shoes look sturdier that trail running shoes and can offer much greater durability and support. They are also most frequently made in low-cut options but compensate this design with sturdy sole construction that offers much better support to your feet on rough terrains. Some hiking shoes are designed with inner shanks which run the length of the shoe in order to add support and stability. These shoes are great for long lightweight hikes over any type of terrains because they have perfect toes protection namely rubber toe-caps. These shoes can be used in all seasons regardless of the penetration.


Hiking Boots
Hiking boots are very similar to hiking shoes but more commonly have ankle cuts for people in need of additional ankle support. They are designed with harder rubber soles, and offer more durable construction. Do not get hooked by the misconception that hiking boots are heavy because they are made of light materials which at the same do not lose in durability. Hiking boots are recommended to hikes that include load carrying or long-distance / several days hikes over various types of terrains and weather conditions. Hiking boots have different designs to match any weather and terrain conditions of your trip.


Most overviews of hiking shoes do not include sandals because the latter are considered to be city footwear. Well, it is not completely true. For instance, Walking on a Cloud Pikolinos shoes store offers different kinds of sandals that can be ideal for several days hikes in high temperatures or for hikes that include many rivers crossing. Sandals are ideal for hot days because they let your feet breathe and at the same time can dry very fast if needed. Experts advise choosing sandals with fasteners for easier and more comfortable fit. For more info pls check: Walking On A Cloud: Riocan Marketplace 2181 SteelesAve W, Toronto ON, M3J 3N2, Canada; (416) 514-1779.