#lifesavingmiles: The most unique and epic breast cancer charity fundraiser ever

#Vegas In 24, a never-before-attempted 365-mile one-day bicycle challenge. 


Andy Funk’s 365-mile LA to Vegas fundraiser in support of the Pink Lotus Foundation – pinklotusfoundation.org

Most of us are aware of breast cancer, but many forget about the hopeless, about those who cannot take the steps to detect the disease in its early stages. Humanity has made a lot of progress, but we still have a long way to go.

October is one of the most inspiring months of the year. It is a healthy competition between top-end luxury houses to offer their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Charity and the giving back component are one of the most important parts of the sustainable luxury brands philosophy. Every year we covered great stories and campaigns to support the breast cancer research and the early detection. Crème de la Mer, Lancome, Saks Fifth Avenue, Burj al Arab, Christian Louboutin, L’Oreal, used the “Pink Ribbon“, the widely-recognized symbol for the fight against breast cancer, to show their support. Luxury Maisons, celebrities, and entrepreneurs are supporting the cause by releasing special pink editions. In this sea of pink, the message sometimes seems to be diluted, but there are campaigns that are truly inspiring to take action and save lives today rather than in the future.


365 Miles. NonStop. 1 Day. 1 Man. 1 Bike. 1 Cause. pinklotusfoundation. org


Climbing half of Mt Everest in 1 day!

2LUXURY2′ motto “To be inspired is good! To inspire is great!” is reinforced this October with the most unique and epic breast cancer charity fundraiser ever. Taking part in Andy Funk’s 365-mile LA to Vegas fundraiser in support of the Pink Lotus Foundation, we see that individually we are one drop, but together we have the force of an ocean. When multiplied, our acts of charity have the power to transform communities. Vegas In 24 is a never-before-attempted 365-mile one-day bicycle tour de force made by Charity Ambassador and Ironman triathlete Andy Funk. He was pedaling 365 miles nonstop, alone, unsupported and unassisted from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The superman of our days glided through the desert, pushing all the possible limits to support and raise funds for low income, uninsured and under-served women in need of breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Like the cancer battle, this epic journey is about the human spirit. It is stronger than anything that can happen to it. Once you choose hope, anything is possible. You are allowed to scream, you’re allowed to cry, but do not give up.


Desert, Drones, and the Raging Wind


You never know how powerful you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

With a beautiful history of philanthropic involvements, Andy Funk is driven by his passion and action. The social advocate and sportsmen has an inspiring attitude towards all the challenges of life. His involvement with The Pink Lotus Foundation is driven by his enthusiasm for charity, willingness for real change and the conviction that the exceptional success you can achieve is helping others succeed and be healthy.

While there are many projects fighting to find a cure for the actual cause of cancer, one point that’s not disputed: the victory day is still far away. It is unclear if and when the cure may ever be found. On the battleground, there are many direct and collateral victims like helpless women without insurance or sufficient coverage. On a daily basis, they face lack of care, delayed care, riskiness, and, become an absurd and heartbreaking number in the annual statistics of deaths from breast cancer. We don’t always get what we want. But these people will never have, what you have right now.


Super Pedaling for offering 100% free breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment services.

“Poverty, less education, and a lack of health insurance are also associated with lower breast cancer survival. 43-45 Breast cancer patients who reside in lower-income areas have lower 5-year survival rates than those in higher-income areas at every stage of diagnosis,” says The American Cancer Society in its “Breast Cancer Facts & Figures 2015-2016”

Supporting the fighters, The Pink Lotus Foundation provides free care to screen for, diagnose, and treat breast related illnesses. The nonprofit organization is offering real, palpable help for women whose lives are at risk now: low-income women who are uninsured, underinsured or experiencing major life events. The help comes in the form of 100% free breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Unlike other projects, the foundation focuses on the present and dedicates itself exclusively to helping women who are in desperate need of help this very day. Women interested in applying for free care can find out more by reviewing the applications criteria provided on the foundation’s website.

Andy Funk’s force and involvement in Vegas in 24 is impressive and motivational for us. It will surely do the same for you. You can do more than you can imagine: Volunteer your time, donate or participate. We can increase awareness to help communities with low income women who cannot afford their own care.

Life is like a fierce course on a bicycle. So, no private jets, concierges, chauffeurs. To keep your equilibrium you must keep moving and find the “can” part in the cancer war. We can beat it. Be part of saving lives. Let’s offer HOPE for those who lost all hope!

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