Top honeymoon resorts in Brazil in 2014

Brazil is hot with its upcoming 2014 World Cup and 2016 Rio Olympics. Honeymooners want more than just the beach; they want to immerse themselves in the people and culture of Brazil, while still finding that perfect bungalow. According to VIP Tour Group, Brazil evolved significantly from its simpler days, and now boasts South America’s most distinctive and alluring luxury honeymoon resorts.

2014 Top 5 Honeymoon Resorts in Brazil:


1: Ponta dos Ganchos, Esmeralda Villa:
Rated highest for service, ambiance, style and cuisine, this resort on a small point nestled between two charming fishing combines
the warmth and personalized service of a guest house a high-end hotel’s sophisticated infrastructure.
The staff numbers three per bungalow, with customized services per guest wishes.
Location: Florianopolis, Santa Catarina;
Price: $1,100-$3,200 nightly;
Ideal season: November through March;
Meals: breakfast included; gourmet restaurant on-site.


2: Nannai, Master Bungalow:
Water is the primary appeal at this luxury Muro Alto Beach resort, less then an hour from Recife. Bali-style thatched bungalows,
each with its own private pool or whirlpool, provides a special mood. Two master bungalows anchoring the ends of the property
afford even more privacy than premium and super-luxe bungalows. Exploration options include the local reef and Porto de Galinhas
Location: Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco;
Price: $820-$1,200 nightly;
Ideal season: November through March;
Meals: breakfast included; afternoon snacks, dinner offered.

3: Txai Resort, Premium Bungalow:
At the center of Bahia’s exotic coastline, Itacare is the gorgeous area that’s home to the ultimate in barefoot luxury. Lovingly
run by on-site owners, Txai exemplifies attention to detail, from fresh flowers to expansive, open living areas in the stylish
thatched bungalows. The palm-framed pool at Txai lies next to one of Brazil’s best beaches.
Location: Just outside Itacare, Bahia;
Price: $650-$1,300 nightly.
Ideal season: July through November;
Meals: Includes breakfast; gourmet restaurant on-site.

4: Pousada Maravilha, Bungalow:
Home to one of Brazil’s most spectacular nature reserves and part of a stunning archipelago, this paradise island hideaway sits
amidst waters renowned for scuba and snorkeling. With just eight bungalows nestled in the hillside, Maravilha offers comfortable
privacy, fabulous views and spectacular sunsets. Location: Island of Fernando de Noronha, northeastern Brazil;
Price: $950 -$1,350 nightly;
Ideal season: July through November;
Meals: breakfast included; gourmet restaurant on-site.

5: Insólito, Insólito Suite:
Found alongside one of Búzios’ most beautiful beaches, Insólito boosts thematic rooms immersing you in Brazilian culture. Adding
to the appeal, the resort offers design, landscaping and illumination by Anouk Barcat and Maneco Quinderé, with added décor by
owner Emanuelle Meeus de Clermont-Tonnerre, a French businesswoman with a deep passion for Brazil. Location: Buzios, Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil;
Price: $750 -$1,150 nightly. Ideal season: November through March. Meals: breakfast included; gourmet restaurant on-site.