Top 8 Healthy Heart Tips for Women

A healthy heart means a healthy life. Heart disease is reported to be one of the most common diseases these days. Just by incorporating a few things in your lifestyle you can avoid the risk of a heart attack or prevent heart diseases. If you want perfect health, it is highly recommended to follow the below listed 8 healthy heart tips. If you are someone already experiencing a heart disease and need care, talk to a qualified Care Manager at Care Pilot today to find the right solution for you.

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Thirty minutes of aerobics each day can turn out be a hard core exercise routine which will help you protect against all heart diseases. Heart is merely a muscle that pumps blood to your body and just like all other muscles it also needs to be worked out to carry its job more efficiently.

Stretching Exercises:

Most people incorporate all types of sports activities in their lives, but don’t concentrate much on the flexibility of the heart muscles. To keep your heart active and healthy, you must carry out stretching exercises at least twice a week.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol:

Intense smoking or drinking increases the risk of a heart attack and potentially weakens the heart muscles, at the same time increases the blood pressure. The weak heart will not be able to pump enough blood and consequently you acquire different diseases.

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Reduce Stress Levels:

If you`re taking a lot of stress, it is quiet natural that you would have to go through a hormonal imbalance and at the same time your urge to smoke or drink would also increase. A healthy heart would always need to stay away from stress and be relaxed for the most part.

Getting Routinely Checked
Getting Routinely Checked:

Routine medical checkup is imperative to maintain a healthy heart. Also, you should be aware of the symptoms of angina like if it is pain or stress in the chest while carrying out any exertion. You should also keep a track on your cholesterol level and blood pressure. If you have a family history, you should be extra cautious and get yourself routinely checked.

Healthy Heart Tips for Women-reduce the salt intake
Reduction in Salt Intake:

Next in our 8 healthy heart tips is to put a check on the salt intake. Salt is present somewhat in every kind of food, preserved or canned or even natural. You are already taking a high intake of salt, so you should avoid taking any extra salt that would result in high blood pressure.

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Reduce the intake of Saturated Foods:

You should make sure that you limit the intake of butter or saturated oils, as that would result in clogging of arteries, in turn increasing the risk of a heart attack. You can substitute normal oil with olive oil for instance to avoid the risk of any heart disease.

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Tune up Your Weight:

Obesity is the number one reason for heart diseases. You should be conscious of your diet and must stay active. It is advisable to join a gym, if necessary, to avoid any kind of coronary disease or even heart attack.

These 8 healthy heart tips are definitely going to help you improve the quality and quantity of your life. Care is always better than cure, so extra care should be taken when it comes to heart.

Healthy Heart Tips for Women