Second youth for Kru 149, the vintage Krug Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II

Vintage Krug Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II, the memorably iconic car of the Krug Champagne house, has beeen meticulously restored by a vintage
car shop to give a second youth to very special vehicle of the mid-80s. 30 years ago, three Kru 149 covered in Krug white and burgundy liverydelivered champagnes to VIP customers to the European, U.S. and Japanese high-profile events. For the House’s loyal aficionados, the one-of-a-kind vehicle features two refrigerators to chill sixteen bottles, plus two varnished wood cases holding eight tulip champagne glasses, two icebuckets, a table and folding chairs, and a tent that folds out from the rear door.

Only the European car is still owned by Krug, announced the chamaghne house. The restored Rolls-Royce, bearing the license plate number KRU149, will no longer cross the continent, but will continue to delight car lovers when it is displayed in the courtyard of the Krug domainduring special events.