Top 5 luxury properties in rich Arab oil countries


There are a wide variety of luxury properties available for display around rich Arab oil countries. Varying between villas, apartments, townhouses, and other types of properties, the selling prices of these units are absolutely beyond reach for many, however, they could be justified once eyes are set on the top level of luxury and affluence provided.

We combined here a brief list showcasing 5 of the most luxurious villas brought from different GCC countries.

emirates-hills-2 emirates-hills-1


1- Emirates Hills Villa (Dubai)

Emirates Hills could possibly be the most affluent district in Dubai. It features a set of top-tier branded properties which this villa is one of them. Sprawling on a built-up space of 32,000 square feet, the villa contains two huge kitchens, a massive entryway, a guest suite, a large office, and ensuite bathrooms.

The villa offers a magnificent view of a marina and a near golf course.

sheikh-nawaf-al-khalifa-villa-2 sheikh-nawaf-al-khalifa-villa-1

2- Sheikh Nawaf Al-Khalifa Villa (Qatar)

Built on the European royal vintage house design patterns, Sheikh Nawaf’s villa in Qatar offers the same unrivalled fascination found in the classic French and Austrian royal mansions.

The villa is absolutely a place you would love to get lost in. Each and every detail is made with top care and meticulousness to fulfill its main task, which is offer ultimate elation.

Designed by an Egyptian-based design house, the villa boasts ornately carved furniture featuring perfect craftsmanship sensuously placed in a pompous surrounding.

bukhamseen-ballroom-villa-2 bukhamseen-ballroom-villa-1

3- Bukhamseen Ballroom & Villa (Kuwait)

A palatial villa featuring authentic bespoke designs blending between Islamic and Western décor trends.

The level of professional craftsmanship and authenticity is unbelievable in this one. You’ll feel like you are in the presence of a medieval Sultan in Istanbul or Baghdad.

The designer excelled in using more than one material to enrich the villa’s status as an original source of inspiration, such as colored glass, wooden panels beautifully carved with arabesque styles, domed ceilings and many other.

 amwaj-beachfront-villa-3 amwaj-beachfront-villa-2 amwaj-beachfront-villa-1

4- Amwaj Beachfront Villa (Bahrain)

In their design in Bahrain Kingdom, the Italian interior designers Valeria Candido and Letizia Mammini assured that luxury isn’t only about opulence, but it has many other faces.

Simplicity, harmony, whiteness, and incorporating greenery with architecture, they are all significant factors that contribute in shaping fanciness, and that’s the main message conveyed through the design of this beachfront villa.

Besides transmitting their concepts, designers excelled also in meeting the main cause behind building this structure, which is standing as a holiday retreat and a heavenly sanctuary from the stressful every-day life.

sami-angawis-house-2 sami-angawis-house-3 sami-angawis-house-4

5- Sami Angawi’s Mansion (Saudi Arabia)

Without adding any expensive or glossy pieces, Sami Angawi’s house in Jeddah is absolutely one of the best architectural gems in Gulf region.

The house features an exotic blend of different materials, designs, colors, and patterns, all drawn from the authentic oriental heritage.
The interior design charm, which could be felt by each and every visitor, is by main the outcome of adding different details together that speak a lot about the top craftsmanship and originality of Arabian interior designing.

These details include stained glass, arches, colored lighting, Islamic calligraphy, carved wood, colorful cushions, carpets, chandeliers, and many other.