Top 5 Luxury Destinations for Families Seeking Outdoor Experiences

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Outdoor vacations can make the best family holidays, especially with little kids in tow. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy nature, escape from the daily stresses of life, and bond with your loved ones. If you’re looking for a luxurious but adventure-filled getaway with the family, here are some ideas to consider. From glamping in France to a luxury safari in Botswana and snorkelling adventure in Barbados, these are the top luxury destinations for families seeking outdoor experiences.

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1. France

France is a favourite destination for family holidays for many reasons. The country is beautiful and offers a wide variety of destinations and experiences that can satisfy your quest for adventures, no matter what they are.

Are you looking for a beach vacation? France has stunning beaches, some of which are lined with family-friendly resorts and hotels. Cote d’Azur is a wonderful destination, especially for families seeking luxury. Set in the south of France overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the glamorous Cote d’Azur is home to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches.

If you’re interested in exploring the outdoors, including stunning vineyards and small towns, you’ll find plenty of these in France. You can even go horse riding in Provence, where you will pass by the amazing châteaux of the Loire Valley or enjoy the stunning views across the Atlantic Ocean. And for the ultimate outdoor luxury experience, consider glamping in France. You’ll find many beautiful glamping sites all over France suitable for families of all kinds.

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2. Iceland

As a holiday destination, Iceland stands out as one of the most family-friendly places you can visit in Europe. Exploring Iceland with kids makes for a memorable, fun and exciting family vacation. It’s ideal for adventurous families who love to explore the great outdoors while experiencing a bit of luxury.

One of the coolest things for both kids and adults to do in Iceland is to visit waterfalls. While not all waterfalls are child-friendly, many of them are. The majestic Gullfoss waterfall, which is part of the Golden Circle route, is a great introduction to the many waterfalls in the country. Swimming in Iceland’s geothermal pools is another fun activity for families. The most popular of these is the Blue Lagoon, which lies between Reykjavik and Keflavik. You can also visit the Laugardalslaug pool in Reykavik, which also comes with a zoo, museum, and botanical garden.

If your kids love the wildlife, they will love Iceland even more. There are lots of incredible wildlife creatures that have called Iceland their home. The country’s unique location in the ocean has made it a haven for migratory birds, including the quirky North Atlantic puffins. Whale watching in Iceland is also a must. Akureyri is a popular destination for this due to its calm waters.

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3. Botswana

Being surrounded by the vast African wilderness can make for a truly unforgettable holiday, especially for families seeking outdoor experiences. On your holiday to Botswana, you’ll visit various habitats, including game reserves and wildlife-rich marshlands.

Your trip starts with an incredible luxury safari in Botswana, where your family can explore the vast landscapes and encounter the local wildlife by boat, air, or even on foot. After a day of exploring the vast African wilderness, you’ll return to your luxury accommodation, either a tented camp, private riverside villa, or upscale lodges with kids’ clubs and pools. Aside from your safari adventure, you can also visit the Victoria Falls, interact with the Kalahari bushmen in the Kalahari Game Reserve, or fish at the Okavango River.

Although Botswana has become a popular family-friendly destination in recent years, it’s more suited to older families since the choices for families with younger kids are quite limited, given the age restrictions on some accommodations and the remote location. Nevertheless, your luxury family holiday to Botswana will be filled with incredible experiences.

4. Brazil

Immerse yourself in Brazil’s unmatched beauty and splendours on your luxury family holiday to the country. As one of the largest and most diverse countries in the world, Brazil has plenty to offer for families seeking outdoor experiences.

Hiking in Brazil with kids can be a lot of fun, given the many excellent hiking opportunities you can find. A nice start would be to the Morra Da Urca, which is a great way to get those little legs moving. It’s only a short 30-min hike, and you’ll be rewarded with incredible photo opportunities once you get to the top.

Exploring the Amazon Rainforest is also a must for families, especially if your kids are wildlife lovers. There are now plenty of luxury lodges with family-friendly amenities in the Amazon, making your wildlife exploration easier and more convenient. Kids will not only have fun discovering the wide range of wildlife, but they will also learn a lot about the different species of plants and animals that have thrived in the Amazon.

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5. Barbados

Sloping pastures, rolling sugar cane estates, and a tropical climate are the things you can look forward to on your family holiday to Barbados. Throw in some top-notch accommodations, from luxury private villas to plush hotels, and you have a perfect family holiday destination.

Head to the southern and western coasts when it comes to the beach, where you’ll find fine beaches with calm waters, ideal for little kids. The eastern part has a more rugged Atlantic coast, more suitable for kids who love water sports, such as surfing. Swim with protected turtles as they feed amongst the corals, and perhaps take a sailing tour. You can also spot the turtles when kayaking or going for a glass-bottomed boat snorkelling trip.

Alternatively, you can snorkel at the Folkestone Marine Park & Museum, which has an artificial reef created after the sinking of a ship called Stavronikita when it got destroyed by fire. However, this activity is only for the older kids and more experienced divers. Nevertheless, there’s an inshore reef in the area where little kids can snorkel and admire colourful corals, sea lilies, sea anemones, and sponges.