Top 5 Best Ideas for Grand Proposals

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Confessing your eternal love for your partner and asking for his or her hand in marriage is an overwhelming event. However, why settle with just popping the question when you can make the whole thing an extraordinary experience. Choose to make your proposal luxurious and unique, and turn it into an event that you and your loved one will remember for the rest of your lives.

From creative surprises to Alaska cruises, here are five ideas that are sure to make a long-lasting impression and strengthen the bond that you have with your partner.

1. Organize an Instagramable Proposal

What could be better than creating the perfect setting for the proposal? Set it up so that it will also make a gorgeous Instagram post that you can share with the world. You can go all-in when organizing the event. Hire a florist, rent some beautiful furniture, get confetti cannons and even fireworks if you want the proposal to take place outdoors. Lastly, find a photographer and work with him or her to set up the lighting and decor.

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2. Go on a Cruise and Start a Lifelong Adventure

If your partner loves adventure, surprise him or her with a cruise and propose on the ship’s deck. Planning is important here. Find a location that you will both remember for the rest of your life. For example, get tickets for one of the last 2021 Alaska cruises that are available and propose under the Aurora Borealis. These cruises offer many activities, from trips on land to exquisite dining experiences and great onboard concerts.

3. Hide the Ring in a Delicious Cake

This idea works great in a more romantic setting. Invite your partner to a luxurious restaurant and ask the kitchen staff to hide the ring in the dessert. If you’d rather keep things intimate, take the ring to a cake shop and have them place it on or in the cake. This will give you the freedom to arrange whatever setting you prefer. Organize a romantic dinner at home and when it’s time for dessert have your partner cut the cake.

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4. Organize a Treasure Hunt in a Unique Location

Treasure hunts are always exciting, but they get even better if they lead to an engagement ring. You can start the trail in the spot where you had your first date and lead your partner through parks and cafes. It is also easy to incorporate a bit of technology in the treasure hunt by using a map app to place points of interest along the trail. You can also write emails containing clues in advance and schedule them to be delivered every 30 or 60 minutes.


5. Throw a Surprise Party

An event as important as proposing to your partner should be celebrated, so why not start right after you propose? Get your closest friends together and organize a surprise party in your home or at a restaurant. You can make the event truly memorable by renting the restaurant or cafe where you had your first date. Prepare food, champagne, balloons, and can even hire a musician to play romantic tunes all night long.

Mix Things Up for an Unforgettable Experience

Choose any of these ideas as inspiration and turn your proposal into an event that you will remember for years to come. Go wild and make things as glamorous and luxurious as you want. After all, you only propose once.

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