The World’s Most Advanced 9-Seater Aircraft With VTOL Capability is a New Chopper-Like Cost-Effective VTOL

Communities thrive via connectivity.

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Hard infrastructure requirements and significant operating costs are the key limiting factors to accessibility and connectivity. Today more than ever end-users value safety, affordability, reliability, and flexibility. In response to these requirements, ARC Aerosystems has designed the Linx P9 Passenger aircraft with VTOL capability.

Cost Effective

Future shuttle/air-taxi services will quickly become over-subscribed –the only way vertiport operators can increase throughput is through higher capacity aircraft. The Linx’s 9 passenger cabin roughly doubles the payload of typical leading e-VTOL air taxis
The Linx’s 9 seat cabin also compares well to the the similar sized AW109 helicopter which carries 6 in the cabin and a 7th sitting next to the pilot.

Helicopter drive trains for main and tail rotors are mechanically complex, driving up maintenance costs. The Linx’s single rotor is essentially un-powered (apart from the electric spin-up motor, used only prior to take-off) and the corrosion-proof composite airframe will be light and low drag, and while the EIS model will use existing turboprop engines, overall costs are expected to be 40% below those of a similar size helicopter.


The Linx is offered in two baseline versions (Airline & Full Cargo) and two variants (Combi & Medevac)
The Linx multi mission flexibility not only enhances the operations but also increases the aircraft residual value in time.

@ARC Aerosystems