The Second Plénitude by Dom Pérignon 1998. A memorable P2 with vibrant panache

Time is a fundamental element in the Dom Pérignon equation. The Second Plénitude of Dom Pérignon 1998.

Dom Pérignon champagne house launched the Second Plénitude wine in a unique location – Iceland, a magnetic island in the North Atlantic. In the the P2 –1998 wine, the champagne’s intensity has been magnified by 16 years of elaboration in the cellars: extra time of maturation on the lees and extended time post-disgorgement, with constant monitoring.

The Second Plénitude exemplifies energy: after a minimum of 12 years of maturation on the lees, the intensity of the wine is amplified. This expression inspired the creation of P2, the new Dom Pérignon appellation.

The First Plénitude was a model of balance in 2005. Now, after 16 years in the cellars, its intensity transcends the potential of the vintage. The vintage projects its transcendent potential after 16 years in the cellars, the wine is magnified with a burst of energy. The dynamic of the transformation is palpable, a promise of further compelling surprises to come,” announced Dom Pérignon.

“Time is a fundamental element in the Dom Pérignon equation,” says Richard Geoffroy, Chef de Cave of the celebrated Champagne house. The terroir, the heritage and inspiration are all essential to assemble a truly great wine whose character, singularity and full expression are revealed over the years. A vintage experiences multiple cycles, multiple lives. Its evolution spans a succession of privileged moments called “Plénitudes”.