The Seabird – fastest personal submersible in the world

Whether you’re on a budget or someone of unlimited means, SeaBird is changing the world of personal submarines and underwater discovery forever. From 2012, you can keep up with shark, dolphin, and any other sea-life…underwater! Seabird vehicle designed by AquaVentureCrafts is billed as the fastest personal submersible in the world.

The SeaBird submarine can reach a depth of 45m and a speed of 40kph under water, but customization is possible to achieve higher speeds and depths, or even to increase the passenger capacity.

In general, all civilian submarines require a surface support vessel, usually to transport the sub to an area of interest and also for safety and maintenance support, among other reasons. At AquaVenture WaterCrafts, we began with the question, “Why not put the support vessel to work?”

Using the towing vessel’s power, SeaBird can operate underwater with all of the performance of an air breathing engine. Historical limits on speed and range no longer apply. And it’s the safest possible configuration because you’re alwaystethered to the surface!

The first Seabird private submarines will be available in two-seater models from $ 195,000, while a one person version will be available later.

In addition we can have station keeping thrusters (available 2013), upgraded interior, upgraded sonar communications system, upgraded telemetry system (additional video monitors and upgraded underwater lighting), wired telemetry system (offers the ability to transmit GPS and other data from surface to SeaBird as well as permitting video and other data to be sent back to the surface in real time), tour Operator Package.