Guerlain Spring Collection 2011 – the secret of a healthy glow

Guerlain welcomes spring with a make-up collection 2011, centring round a colour palette of pink. Blush G, a collector’s edition of Ecrin 6 Couleurs and an updated version for Rouge G Serie Noire are the stars of the new beauty line. 

Blush G – the Secret of a healthy glow:First, a black suedette pouch lined in fuchsia satin. Inside is a case that jealously guards its secret. Shiny, smooth and lacquered black, the case nestles in the palm of the hand. One click. The cover opens and the most ravishing of coloured stripes appear in full light, stamped with a G in elegant calligraphy. When Rouge G becomes a powder, Guerlain invents the most luxurious of blushes. Energised orange, intense fuchsia, delicate pink and pearly pink: four shades that make your cheeks flush pink. These healthy glow boosters harmonise perfectly to revive the complexion and give it energy and vitality. Apply with its black and fuchsia blush applicator, adorned with the Guerlain signature.

A new lipstick, Rouge G Serie Noire, makes its debut in four different shades. This collector’s edition hides its colours in a precious case, dressed in black lacquer and the seal of Guerlain. What’s inside? The formula of the famous Rouge G in a light and creamy version. The rich and voluptuous texture adorns the smile in an ultra-sophisticated coloured caress. Lips are deliciously shiny, subtly tinted in springtime colours. 

Ecrin 6 couleurs Limited Edition Spring 2011:
One case and 6 colours in a limited edition: it’s the perfect equation to adapt to the complexion and twinkling eyes of each woman, with no risk of an error or faux pas. Tone-on-tone, Couture or Smoky: the result is breathtaking, no matter what the chosen harmony. 

The Colour is intensely fuchsia. The Gradation plays up the softness of nude, delicate gold and pearly ivory to make the colour of the eyes sparkle. The Liner traces the eyes in deepshimmering brown. Tones to combine and matt, iridescent and satiny textures to layer to infinity to find the perfect harmony guaranteed. Still present, Moonstone offers its silvery and bluish reflections to adorn the eyes with a hypnotic glow…

Rouge G
 has also been developed into a powder. Energised Orange, Intense Fuchsia, Delicate Pink and Pearly Pink are some of names for a variety of colours.

Some basics have also been added to the Meteorites Compact line (white, grey and bronze) as well as to the KissKiss Gloss range (coral, brown and plum).