The most expensive Tesla Model S at 2014 LA Auto Show

Eco Chic Car Fashion Meets LA Auto Show. Most Expensive Tesla Model S Showcasing at LA Auto Show.

T Sportline
, the world’s first electric green car accessory tuner specifically focusing on the Tesla Motors brand, announced plans to debut at the LA Auto Show, showcasing their fully customized Tesla Model S vehicles, complete with bespoke wheels, sporty exterior carbon fiber modifications, and luxurious diamond stitched custom interiors.

“Let’s face it, electric cars have always gotten a bad rap with their futuristic eye sore designs, often making consumers sacrifice vanity in exchange for dumping the pump. We give credit to Tesla for being such a pioneer in creating the ultimate electric car that delivers luxury, beauty, safety, and cutting edge technology wrapped up into one,” explained T Sportline.

The World’s First Tesla Tuner” focuses on creating sporty and luxurious accessories exclusively for Tesla vehicles. Just like fashion, some accessories are available for purchase right off the rack, while other accessories are strictly commissioned for VIP clientele.

The Tesla Model S showcase by T Sportline will feature the “most expensive Tesla Model S” with a total value of over $200,000, after the addition of custom aftermarket modification and accessories.