The Energy Globe World Award goes to Nicaragua

16 sustainable projects from 15 countries in 5 categories made it to the finals of the 2014 Energy Globe Award. With 160 countries participating and more than 1.000 submissions annually the Energy Globe Award is today the world’s most important environmental prize This year, Martha Veronica Rocha from Nicaragua received the 13 kg bronze statue for her organization FUPROSOMUNIC.


The Nicaraguan project, also winner in the category “Air”, was the favorite for the International Jury. It combined environmental protection with social commitment. The protagonists of the Solar Project Foundation for Nicaraguan Women (FUPROSOMUNIC) build solar ovens for cooking and drying fruits and vegetables and marketing the products. A total of 700 “Solar Women” train other women, propagate their knowledge at trade shows, prevent health problems, deforestation, promote clean energy and create jobs, education and prosperity.

The Austrian company ecoduna Produktions AG won in the “Fire” category with a unique algae cultivation process. In photovoltaic reactors they grow algae, from which valuable oils and bio fuels are obtained. The process is extremely energy-efficient and sustainable.


The U.S. company Ecovative Design LLC made it in category “Earth”. In a highly energy-efficient process fungi produce 100 % compostable packaging, which are even edible and – disposed of in the garden – serve as fertilizers for plants.


The United Kingdom won the “Water” category prize: the British designer Francesca Mancini developed a simple construction for households to directly use gray water from showers and sinks for flushing toilets – so enormous amounts of water can be saved.

The Cyprus NGO “Cans for Kids” won the race in the category “Youth”. In voluntary work young people collect aluminum cans, press and sell them. The proceeds are donated to a children’s hospital. 260,000 Euros have already been raised.
All Award Winners 2013:

Winner Fire: Mag. Johann Mörwald, David Bernhard (ecoduna produktions-GmbH)

Winner Water: Francesca Mancini (FMD Design Studio)

Winner Air: Martha Verónica Rocha (Solar Projects Foundation for Nicaraguan Women (FUPROSOMUNIC)

Winner Youth: Rosemary Charalambous (Cans for Kids)

Winner Earth: Joe Risico (Ecovative).