The dining scene in Paris discovered with Zagat in French

Zagat launches French-language guide for Parisians.

Known as the “burgundy bible,” Zagat, one of the world’s most trusted user-generated restaurant source, has launched a French-language blog dedicated exclusively to Paris restaurants. Each week an average of four or five new restaurants open in Paris. Very little of them resist the harsh law of the market. However, there are always exceptions.

Well-known in North America and relatively unknown in France, , two famous food authorities highly respected on the Old Continent.

The Parisian version, written largely by a local Parisian and Zagat contributor, Ivy Chang, includes the newest restaurants & bistros to open in the City of Light. The latest articles feature topics like “The Latest Restaurants that make sensation in Paris”, “The best latino restaurants”, “The Best Asian Restaurants,” or the best ‘hipster’ addresses.

In May, Zagat released its 2012/13 Paris Restaurants Guide, in French and English editions, covering 714 eateries in the Paris area. The results were based on the shared input of 8,015 avid diners, curated by Zagat’s editors.

According to Zagat, Parisians eat out 3 times per week, which is more than diners in London (2.4), but trailing those in Tokyo (4.0). When asked about their dining out habits, 21% of surveyors report dining out less than last year, vs. 17% who say more. As for the cost of dining, Paris continues to be one of the world’s most expensive cities with the average meal costing 61.64ˆ. That is more than London at 51.89ˆ and nearly double New York City at 32.76ˆ. Of the many cities surveyed by Zagat, only Tokyo at 83.54ˆ is more expensive than Paris.