The climate debate must include nuclear

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You published two letters on 8 September setting out the importance of acting against climate change. The implication of both is that the government needs to do more. Both were signed by individuals who lobby against civil nuclear power, by far the major source of carbon-free electricity around the world. Hinkley Point C, when built, will produce more carbon-free electricity than all windfarms currently operational in the UK. To act as if carbon-free nuclear is not part of the solution is destructive and threatens our planet. This is understood by more thoughtful environmentalists but not apparently Greenpeace, WFF or the Green party. As a consequence their credibility in matters of climate change and decarbonisation is deservedly very low indeed.
David Mowat MP
Conservative, Warrington South

• The call for action on climate change on 21 September from Ricken Patel et al coincides with the middle of Community Energy Fortnight. Community groups are taking action on climate change by developing renewable energy projects and by promoting energy efficiency measures. These groups reduce their communities’ carbon emissions and reduce fuel poverty, fuel bills and reliance on fossil fuels.
Liz Meddings
Hillfields Energy Group, Bristol

• 21 September is not only the start of a summit on climate change. It is also UN Peace Day – and a chance to highlight the links betwen the two issues. Armed conflict causes environmental damage, contributes to global warming by its use of fossil fuels (the US military is the largest single user of them), and inhibits the actions needed to deal with global warming. A fraction of thecurrent annual .75tn military spending transferred to mitigation of and adaptation to climate change could transform the situation, and remove many of the causes of conflict – a benign circle.
Frank Jackson
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