Take a look at the Amaala giga-project – the Riviera of the Middle East


Public Investment Fund Unveils Amaala – the Riviera of the Middle East.
The new destination is a natural extension of the Mediterranean Sea, and dubbed the Riviera of the Middle East. As envisioned in Vision 2030, Amaala – along with the other giga-projects – will support the diversification of Saudi Arabia’s leisure and tourism industry.


Amaala giga-project; photos: pif.gov.sa

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia, announced the launch of Amaala, which will become an uber-luxury destination on the north-western coast of Saudi Arabia. It aims to create an all-new concept for ultra-luxury tourism focusing on wellness, healthy living, and meditation.

The initial funding for the project will be provided by PIF, who will spearhead the development of Amaala into a bespoke hospitality experience located within the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Natural Reserve. As the project progresses, attractive partnership and investment packages will be available for the private sector.

The PIF has announced that Amaala will sit alongside NEOM and The Red Sea Project as part of the giga-projects investment portfolio, helping to establish a unique tourism ecosystem, supporting economic diversification and creating high-value job opportunities. In addition, PIF announced the appointment of veteran luxury hospitality and development executive Nicholas Naples as Chief Executive Officer of Amaala, who will lead development and operations for the destination.

amaala giga-project-

Amaala giga-project; photos: pif.gov.sa

“Amaala will awaken the world’s imagination by rephrasing the current concept of the luxury tourism experience, especially in terms of integrative wellness, specialty treatments and related recreational offerings. Our concept will provide a rich service offering that exceeds customers’ expectations by providing a comprehensive suite of services not commonly found in one location that is unique by all measures. The Amaala experience will be enhanced by its setting, spread across beautiful, untouched natural sites,” said Naples stated that ” said the Chief Executive Officer of Amaala

“Amaala represents a unique and transformational luxury experience where full-fledged wellness tourism is integrated alongside a curated mix of arts, culture, and sports offerings that are individually tailored for the ultra-luxury lifestyle, including the availability of a fashion scene, healthy-living services, and year-round sea expeditions,” added Nicholas Naples.

Amaala will feature extraordinary architecture and unprecedented luxury in both hotels and private villas as well as a quaint retail village and an academy of the arts that fosters the growth and development of young artists from Saudi Arabia and the region.

amaala giga-project-01

Amaala giga-project; photos: pif.gov.sa

amaala giga-project

Amaala giga-project; photos: pif.gov.sa