Tag Heuer Racer Sub Nano with Waterblock technology

TAG Heuer’s close collaborations with the most elite levels of automobile and aviation manufacturing led to Tag Heuer Racer phone line, an innovation-driven luxury smart phone steeped in motor-racing lore and constructed from the most advanced materials in aeronautics. TAG Heuer RACER was the world’s first Swiss luxury touchscreen smart phone to be entirely constructed from the leading-edge materials of motor racing and aviation. Lightweight components and shock resistant construction, its composite materials — titanium grade 2, light and strong carbon fiber, black PVD, 316L stainless steel, rubber — were first used in professional motor-sports and aeronautics.

This year, the Swiss luxury manufacturer expands the collection with Tag Heuer Racer Sub Nano with revolutionary Waterblock technology. This means the smartphone’s internal electrical components are protected from water and moisture by a nanometer-thin, repellent barrier.

According to the luxury manufacturer, “TAG Heuer RACER SUB NANO follows the core design codes of the RACER Racing Carbon smartphone with its elongated, octagonal form and sporty, durable design. It provides unprecedented accident protection without sacrificing the powerful functionality and aesthetics for which TAG Heuer is renowned.”

Tag Heuer Racer Sub Nano is produced in a Limited Edition of 500 pieces.