Swarovski Skyfall collection: as glamorous as the Bond girl Severine

Powerful, sleek, and mysterious: The jewels of Bond girl Severine


Bond girl Severine sparkles in Jet Hematite and clear crystal Pointiage in James Bond’s latest adventure Skyfall. Jewelry designer Stephen Webster created four exclusive designs for Swarovski which encapsulate all the movie magic: a Bond Queen Cobra Double Ring, a Bond Heat Seeker Pendant, a Bond Love Knot Bangle, and a Bond Black Bamboo Pierced Earrings.

The rhodium-plated ring featuring a snake in Jet Hematite crystal Pointiage with Siam crystal eyes and a large clear crystal, can be worn on two fingers.

The exclusive rhodium-plated bangle features an intricate knot motif symbolizing love and the strong ties between two individuals. The collection includes aslo a long pair of rhodium-plated Black Bamboo pierced earrings, to be worn for daytime or evening wear.