Sustainable tourism: World’s biggest QR code unveiled at world’s largest golf resort

In an effort to promote sustainable eco-tourism and in celebration of Mission Hills’ 20th anniversary, some 2,000 employees of the luxury golf and spa resort came together to form the largest Human QR Code in an effort to promote eco-tourism to the world.

The gigantic real life QR Code was created by staff carrying umbrellas and gathering at the Mission Hills driving range in Shenzhen, China. The aerial photo, taken from a height of 270 feet, is readable by a QR scanner and takes smartphone users to a campaign website promoting sustainable eco-tourism.

The scale of the Mission Hills development has been such that it was accredited the World’s Largest Golf Club and Spa Resort by Guinness World Records.

The resort has invested some US$50 million on the implementation of an environmental sustainability program that encompasses everything from air quality monitoring to energy, water, waste, and carbon emissions management in a concerted effort to prove that modern day golf course management can go hand in hand with eco-tourism development and environmental protection and sustainability.

“We are committed to building a sustainable and environmentally responsible leisure and tourism business that makes a positive economic, cultural and environmental impact on the local community and region. It is encouraging to see how businesses, destinations, and organizations from around the globe are setting new standards and achievements in sustainable tourism,” said Ken Chu , Chairman and CEO of Mission Hills Group.