Speaking about luxury with Blandine Laneyrie della Torre – designer @ Louise Della

Painter and designer, that smile, Blandine deliciously breathe it on her creations. Her intuition, her talent can be audacious, always. Autodidact assumed, she does not yield to temptation, the better, she causes! One shoulder neckline, leg guessed in a gilded frame, a cherry tree, a wolf, a story to tell. Animals friends, dancer, scintillating frescoes, moments, and these colors!

Color! It is the substance, the secret gateway. Audacious color. Constant color, powerful, vital. Color as energy, philosophy, thinking. Color and sense of humor…
A permanent light pleasure, like a smile …

What means luxury to you in one word?


What are your models or fundamentals in life which you will recommend to others?

Horses are essentials to me. I recommend reading Jim Harrison, Dalva.

What are your criterias for luxury in order of preference ?

Beauty, Emotion.

What is your favourite luxury brand(s) and why?

My favorite designer is Dries Van Noten – he looks like a character in a novel and his collections always and never tell the same story

Name 5 luxuries which are “indispensable” for you and why:

Horses, my art studio, a dress that makes me believe that my life will be better if I wear it, doves and summer

Digital and Luxury. Love or Hate? What means “digital” for you ?

Love i hope. Digital is convergence, development, opening doors and windows on the entire world.

How will be luxury in the future ?

A way to dream our life freely.