Space exploration with Star Trek’s Enterprise spaceship

Enterprise spaceship dream is feasible, says an engineer with a passion for space exploration and a big Star Trek fan. Enterprise could be a worthy successor to the Apollo space program, hopes the creator of buildtheenterprise project.

The new Enterprise ship can be similar in size and will have the same look as the USS Enterprise that we know from the Star Trek science fiction. The Enterprise would be three things in one: a spaceship, a space station, and a spaceport and could get to Mars in ninety days and to earth’s moon in three.

The spaceship will measure 960 meters and will be assembled directly on the orbit. Tthe only thing missing on the new Enterprise is teleportation (the transfer of matter from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them).

The Enterprise could carry huge loads of cargo to key places in our solar system. This will enable the establishment of permanent outposts beyond earth. It could carry the structures, cargo, and laser-digging equipment needed for building large and comfortable underground bases on Mars and the moon where inhabitants would be fully shielded from cosmic rays. It could be used for hauling mined materials from asteroids, Mars, and the moon on an experimental basis. Some of these mined materials can be used to sustain the Enterprise itself. It can have its own on-board experimental manufacturing facilities to, for example, process some mined materials to create its own propellant.

The website describes how to build the first USS Enterprise spaceship, based on technologies within our reach, over the next twenty years. Now it “only” remains to find the right investors to collect a staggering one trillion dollars needed to achieve this colossal project.