Sortilège de Cartier high jewellery

The gardens of the Villa Aurelia, built by Cardinal Farnese in the heart of Rome, were chosen by Cartier as the perfect place to unveil its new High Jewellery collection, Sortilège de Cartier.

Rome, with its exuberance and sensuality, was chosen for the sumptuous launch of Sortilège de Cartier, a high jewellery collection including many one-off pieces that bring to life the beguiling charms of precious and rare stones. In French ‘sortilège‘ means to enchant and the collection captures the enigmatic and ancient allure of gem stones with a sensuous twist.

For the first time, the designers at Cartier were inspired by five families of fragrances. Carved rock pendant perfume bottles that nestle in warmth of the cleavage mark the start of the different olfactory themes. Heady, rich scents are interpreted in deep-hued purple amethyst or rubellites, while lighter, floral scents are embodied in airy delicate diamond necklaces.

Swags of diamond chains, ropes of dainty pearls and carved translucent sapphire petals invite you to touch, smell and enjoy these jewels that indulge all the senses.

Even the larger show-stopper necklaces are fluid and move with ease on the body. The abundance of slinky bracelets, playful rings of a stone set within a stone and drop earrings, are for a new generation of women. Looking at the pieces on the models it is not hard to imagine today’s Anita Ekbergs and Audrey Hepburns sitting in the sunlight of a Roman piazza, her wrist shimmering with this sky-blue aquamarine bracelet or the nape of her neck caressed by these opal earrings.