How the scarves and Hermes handbags are born

Festival des Métiers  presented by Hermès – first world tour showcasing the work of its master craftsmen

Fileter, cadrer, coupe, coudre, perler, griffer, astiquer, roulotter … This is the mystic language code of Hermes artisans. The French luxury house invites us to discover it in a traveling exhibition with demonstrations, events held throughout the year in various locations worldwide. At this point the Hermes caravan is in Hong Kong.

Festival des Métiers (Festival of Crafts) world tour celebrated French artisan and the Hermes one, in particular. The luxury festival offered live demonstrations of a wide variety of Hermès goods: leather gloves, saddles, watches, ties, famous silk scarves, and of course, the legendary Hermes handbags, for which clients expect up to five years.

Whether you have visited the exhibition in America, Europe and Asia, one thing is certain: Hermes house is very proud of its products, which means, first of all, quality, and then a well-known brand.