Sea Drive Concept by Peugeot and Beneteau: an innovative interior design concept

A true on-board computer, the Ship Control interface provides support and assistance for both navigation and on-board comfort. Several tablets can be connected locally to the interface, so each member of the crew can access all the functions available. Beneteau is the first boatyard to offer such a high-tech solution at no additional cost and, once again, this confirms their continuing commitment to simplifying boating so that it can be enjoyed by everyone.

Beneteau Peugeot Sea Drive Concept 004
While certain cars now boast lines and luxury inspired by the world of yachting, boats, on the other hand, are adopting ergonomic solutions and designs from the car industry. The Sea Drive Concept is the result of the cooperation between Peugeot and Beneteau. Building on the global success of i-Cockpit, with around four million users, Peugeot is now providing its expertise in ergonomic cockpits to Beneteau, world leader in the leisure craft industry. Beneteau and Peugeot unveiled the result of this unique collaboration at the opening of the Nautic Boat Show in Paris.

Resulting from a highly productive exchange between these two worlds, the demonstrator invented and designed by Peugeot
Design Lab integrates Ship Control connected technology, recently developed by Beneteau, in PEUGEOT’s i-Cockpit. This
intuitive connected steering station, at the crossroads of the car and motorboat industries, offers an opportunity to enjoy a unique immersive experience and to gain a glimpse of the future.

Ship Control technology is the result of the Advance Monitoring System (AMS) research programme introduced by the Beneteau group. It was rolled out for the first time in 2017 aboard the new Gran Turismo 50 sports cruiser. Inspired by on-board computers in cars, this intuitive and user-friendly interface provides simple centralized access to many of the boat’s functions. The Ship control on-board assistant is accessed from the navigation display or a tablet connected to the boat’s Wi-Fi network. A quick tap on the icon you want and you can manage the lights, air-conditioning, Hi-Fi, electrical sources (AC), bilge pumps or a page dedicated to navigation.

Beneteau Peugeot Sea Drive Concept 005

The characteristic components of the Peugeot i-Cockpit are visible on the demonstrator at first glance:

The compact steering wheel, directly inspired by cars. Similar to the steering wheel in most recent PEUGEOT vehicles, its small size makes for easy, agile handling.

  • A large 17-inch touchscreen displaying the Ship Control interface, for immediate access to the boat’s electronic functions.
  • A folding panel displaying the main navigational information in the pilot’s line of vision.
  • Toggle switches on either side of the wheel for direct access to the main functions at all times.

Peugeot expertise is also visible in the build quality and choice of materials, which are based on the GT trim level: Nappa leather, copper topstitching, accents of chrome and satin, etc.

Simple and universal, the Ship Control interface groups all useful onboard information including: onboard lighting (distribution, intensity); air conditioning control, navigation (speed, current, depth, route, direction, position); battery level check; fuel level check, electrical management (AC/DC); bilge pump management, HiFi; engines (revs, speed).

Beneteau Peugeot Sea Drive Concept 002