Riva inside, inside Riva: Collector’s items and unique gift ideas from the most iconic brand in the boating world

Get inspired by Riva: The 2018 Christmas Riva Boutique is telling a tale of uncompromising excellence.

These must-have items for Riva enthusiasts combine fun for adults and kids, legendary status and the exceptional nautical sensations that only Riva can offer. Not sure what to get this Christmas for a Riva owner, a Riva admirer or a design enthusiast? Let Riva Boutique help you decide… Put logs on the fire and unwind…

Riva Boutique - Riva Collection Cap 2018

Riva Boutique – Riva Collection Cap 2018; photos: riva-yacht.com/en-us/riva-store/rivaboutique

We don’t use the term ‘extraordinary’ very often, but with these signature designs the description is entirely warranted. In the lounge of your home or your boat, Riva Yacht‘s accessories are an original and exclusive decoration that adds style, utility, and personality to every space. The new collection conveys the essence of the Riva experience: peerless design, sense of freedom, and absolute perfection. A quest for timeless style entirely Made in Italy.

Usher in the holiday season by visiting a sophisticated universe where Riva-inspired sophisticated designs come to life. For the Riva Boutique’s 2018 Holiday Collection, a sea of collector’s items brings the holiday spirit to all boating and design aficionados. From Riva Aquarama Scale Model to Aquarama luxurious furniture, Riva Mounted Half-Hull Relief Sculpture and Limited Edition Riva Lamps, there’s something for everyone in your Riva community.

You can’t buy happiness this Christmas, but you can get a Riva moment and spend some memorable time with your precious ones.

Riva Aquarama Lamp

Riva Aquarama Lamp and Riva Toys; photos: Riva Boutique

Collectable Riva – A sublime presence on your desk

You’re never too old for toys beneath the Christmas tree… The sophisticated elegance of Riva yachts will be with you at all times with the Riva Aquarama metal scale model, Riva Toy Aquariva, Toy Aquarama, and Riva Toy Truck, all infused with a dose of nostalgia.

Entirely crafted in pure metal, Riva Aquarama metal scale model (1:43 scale) is an opportunity for enthusiasts to own a unique piece and a model widely considered to be the most beautiful boat of the Sixties. A legend of the nautical world, Riva Aquarama sinuous lines are down-sized into miniature proportions. This charming souvenir will remind you of your boating dreams and new yachting plans for the year ahead.

The instantly-recognisable Riva Aquarama speedboat silhouette was transformed into a constructible wooden toy. A dream come true for both adults and kids, Riva Toys Aquarama comes in 11 pieces made of mahogany and ash. A fabulous collectors item, the construction toy celebrate classic boating design from the past. But the best-selling piece in the collection is Rivarama Toy. Sail and dream!

Riva Boutique - Riva Clothing

Riva Boutique – Riva Clothing; photo: Riva Boutique

RIVA CLOTHING – stylish aquamarine accessories to wear on board a yacht and elegant occasions

Paying homage to one of Italy’s most sought-after boats, Riva premium apparel includes collection caps, polo shirts, t-shirts and scarves in the precious aquamarine hue. A masterly take on the unique Riva style, the Riva Foulard is graced by the shipyard’s entire fleet. The Riva logo will brighten up your weekday ensemble. Wherever you are, the fashion Riva items distinguish you as a member of the exclusive Riva family. We love the guaranteed durability, elegance, quality, and attention.

Riva Aquarama Lamp-

AQUARAMA TABLE, LAMP, AQUARAMA CHAIR and STOOL – Own a piece of Riva’s design history

The concept of time ceases to exist when you step aboard a Riva. A feast for the senses, Riva’s limited edition furniture includes limited edition lamps, tables, chairs and stools. All are simply unique and very valuable. A Riva experience would not be complete without these collector’s items for home/ office or yacht. It is simply unbelievable how a legendary boat can inspire generations over and over again. The timeless “ladies in mahogany” are an infinite source of inventiveness. The Mambo fabric, the same used to upholster the exterior seating on the boats, and the chrome details a revisited in the Riva Aquarama chair.

The pinstripe effect of the decking on the boats is re-imagined for the luxurious Riva Aquarama tables. Add another touch of exclusivity at home or out on the waves with the Riva Aquariva lamp Limited Edition. This unique lamp is modelled on the classic searchlight that featured on the Riva yachts of the 1960s. The lamp is design with a host of exclusive features. Find out more about the propeller-like pattern and another stylish details.

Riva Boutique -Riva Beach Towels

Riva Boutique - Riva ashtray and valet tray

RIVA’s HOME – Shine bright on the boat or in the homeplace

Riva’s classic lines and refined elegance are translated gracefully into this collection of cushions, beach towels, ashtrays, coin trays, espresso cups, and mugs. The aquamarine shade, constantly encountered in all Riva’s designs since the debut, creates an optimistic and happy mood.

Make Christmas memorable with Riva Boutique -Riva Mounted half-hull relief sculpture-2018

Riva Mounted half-hull relief sculpture – an emblem of Italian elegance and craftsmanship

With this mounted half-hull relief sculpture, Riva brings one half hulls into the speedboats’ realm. The miniature masterpiece traditionally associated with the sailing world and the “model rooms” is a preview for the the elegance and exquisite materials used to make the soul of the yachts. The shipyard’s philosophy that each boat should be a masterpiece is translated into this unique design aiming to amplify the brand’s DNA.

Riva Boutique - Riva Corsa Book

“The Origin of the Myth” – RIVA CORSA BOOK

The finest way to experience the sea adventures, Riva’s The Origin of the Myth book provides a great insight into the origins of Riva’s unbeaten speedboats. Boat racing’s great stories are encapsulated in 167 magnificent pages presented in an elegant binding.

Riva Boutique - Riva iPhone Cover

RIVA HIGH-TECH ACCESSORIES – Show proudly that you belong to the world of Riva

Made with the same prized mahogany and maple wood as the decks of the luxury yachts, Riva’s exclusive accessories include Riva iPhone 7/7S cover in Silicone, Waterproof 16 GB USB 3.0 Drive, iPhone cover, iPad Air 2 cover, and a keyholder. The high-end collection offers a typical Riva lifestyle experience and makes every social media interaction memorable.

May your joy be as deep as the sea this Christmas and your sorrow as light as the foam. Feast your eyes with Riva 66’ Ribelle – a product of collaboration between Officina Italiana Design, the Strategic Product Committee and Ferretti Group Engineering Department. Also discover Riva’s the beautiful new Riva 90′ Argo. Stay inspired for new gift ideas to fill your Riva.

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photos: riva-yacht.com/en-us/riva-store/rivaboutique