Reimagine Your Home With Dinosaur Décor




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Many people who decorate their home with styles from the past dip into the 1800s, and some go as far back as the 1600s. Collecting antique furniture and home décor has become so popular that Sotheby’s launched an online consignment store specializing in vintage furniture.

Decorating a home with velvet couches and hand-made solid wood tables with ornate carvings is popular, but it’s not old enough for everyone. There’s a new trend emerging in luxury home décor that comes from a time we only know existed because of fossils.

Jurassic crocodile skeleton Steneosaurus bollensis Holzmaden Shale - Fossil Realm CEO Peter Lovisek poses with specimen

Jurassic crocodile skeleton Steneosaurus bollensis Holzmaden Shale – Fossil Realm CEO Peter Lovisek poses with specimen; photo source

Say hello to dinosaur décor!

If you’re looking for unique décor or another way to one-up your neighbor, dino décor is it. Dino décor is so cool, once you see it, you’ll want to replace your taxidermy items with prehistoric skulls and fossils.

Here’s the latest on dinosaur décor:

Remarkable pyritized Jurassic crinoids

Remarkable pyritized Jurassic crinoids; photo source

1. Authentic fossils from the dino days

What could be cooler than mounting an authentic crocodile fossil from the Jurassic period right above your fireplace? Archaeologists around the world are still discovering exceptionally preserved specimens of many species with bones and jaws intact.

Steneosaurus bollensis – the crocodile fossil linked above – lived in the Jurassic period with ammonites, ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs, sea lilies, and many species of fish. Steneosaurus predates Tyrannosaurus rex by 100 million years.

The fact that fossils that old are being found intact and made available for purchase is exciting and awe-inspiring. With a fossil like this, your friends will wonder if you got it off the set of Jurassic Park. You’ll love watching their jaws drop when you tell them it’s real.

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2. Imitation skeletons, bones, and fossils

Let’s face it, no matter how much money you have, you probably won’t be able to obtain a real Tyrannosaurus rex fossil unless you dig it up yourself. Besides, where would you put it?

In April 2019, someone posted an extremely rare juvenile T. Rex fossil on eBay going for $2.95 million much to the dismay of scientists. However, as of August 2019 the listing is still live with more than 5,000 watchers. If this listing appeals to you, but you’re not ready to drop $3 million on one fossil, you don’t have to.

There’s no shame in buying imitation fossils. Sometimes it’s better to buy fossil reconstructions. The main reason being that it’s rare for fossils to be complete. Most fossils are reconstructed to fill in the missing bones. With an imitation fossil, you’ll get the look of a full specimen without the cost.

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Imitation fossils can be custom made for your home

Finding manufactured, scaled-down dinosaur skeletons, bones, and fossils gives you the chance to choose the size that will fit in your living space. While it’s great to have the real thing, sometimes it’s not practical. When it comes to interior design and décor, you don’t always need the real thing to make an impression on your guests.

3. Don’t forget the kids

No matter how much they beg, you probably shouldn’t put real fossils in your child’s bedroom. One pillow fight or temper tantrum might cost you millions. If your child wants their room decorated in dino décor, there are plenty of ways to make it work.

Get them dinosaur bookends to hold their favorite books in place. Decorate their bed with dinosaur pillows, and screw some dinosaur heads into the wall as hooks to hang clothes, hats, and jewelry.

Another idea is to get large prints of their favorite dinosaurs and have them framed to place on the wall. Deck out the bathroom with dinosaur shower curtains, a wastebasket, and wall decals.

Dinosaur décor is a fun way to enjoy your home

No matter your age, you’re never too old to love dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Don’t be like everyone else and get stuck in the 1800s. Dig a little deeper into the past and go for a time when giant animals ruled the world.

Stunning composition of grey limestone, aragonite and bright yellow calcite crystals

A stunning composition of grey limestone, aragonite and bright yellow calcite crystals; photo source