Quintessentially Lifestyle Celebrate 15 Years

Have you ever wondered what is a Concierge ? What is his job on this Planet and how a person or a team can help when you are in trouble or when you have tasks which seems impossible to accomplish?

For your own knowledge, few centuries ago  a concierge was an high official in the kingdom, appointed by the king to maintain order.

Now, in the 21st century,  You will be the King and He will maintain order over your Kingdom – which is Your Lifestyle.  For a true concierge, the word “NO” does not exist in his vocabulary. Hi is the person who will open doors for you that no other can – no matter the task. He will be your best friend and the most precious  and trustful adviser.

Quintessential 15 years

Our trusted partner, Quintessentially Lifestyle offers award winning luxury lifestyle management and concierge services to Members across the globe. Their Members receive a unique, bespoke service that is tailored to their every need– whether it is running day-to-day errands or planning extravagant unique experiences, they are here to assist 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Quintessentially Lifestyle was first launched in London in 2000. Since then they have expanded into over 60 cities, fulfilled over 2 million requests and still they are striving for perfection for their Members.

To celebrate 15 years, they have created an infographic to share their growth and success with YOU – (photo below).

More than this, they are offering you a chance to enter their competition to be chance to win a luxury prize.Yes, you read it correct.  View their infographic below to learn more. To view the  full infographic  and enter in the competition click here for more details.

Quintessentially MAP_2015_FINAL