Prismick Denim: Camille Seydoux for Roger Vivier

Paris cocktail - Léa Seydoux, Adèle Exarchopoulos and Camille Seydoux

Celebrity Stylist Camille Seydoux melds her creativity with the Roger Vivier legacy in a Spring-Summer 2016 capsule collection called “Prismick Denim“. Six pieces entirely in denim make up this S/S wardrobe: platform sandals, ankle boots, a shoulder bag, a bucket bag, a backpack and a sneaker. These accessories are designed to create an ultra-chic yet non-conventional young attitude. An urban nonchalance, stretching beyond age, that energies days as well as nights.

“We decided that my collection would be dedicated to the Prismick line created in 2012, which is one of my favourites. I began by attentively exploring my own Prismick bag, which is in a melting fade of black and grey. I wanted to work on the idea of facets that make up grades of shading. I looked through the Maison’s archives and then I thought of denim. It’s a fabric that naturally burnishes. Denim is both classic and modern, and significant detail, is very resistant,” said Camille Seydoux.

Magic Denim Camille Seydoux for Roger Vivier-2016 capsule collection Roger Vivier Prismick Denim - Adèle Exarchopoulos Roger Vivier Prismick Denim Bootie

Camille grew up in fashion’s inner circle. She opened her own art gallery at the age of 25. Today, she is revolutionising the role of stylist by working hand-in-hand with couture house studios to design bespoke dresses for actresses. For Roger Vivier, she brought her own touch of impertinence: “Denim can be worn with everything and can tone down an outfit. This capsule collection shakes up the look. ”

To celebrate this collaboration, Camille Seydoux hosted a cocktail party on March 8th at the Roger Vivier Paris store. Many guests attended the event, included French actresses Léa Seydoux – her sister and former James Bond Girl – and Adèle Exarchopoulos.

Magic Denim Camille Seydoux for Roger Vivier

On this special occasion, the video of the collection has been revealed : Magic Denim. During an intimate dinner in a Parisian mood, Camille Seydoux and her two guests – French actresses Lubna Playoust and Lola Le Lann – play a magical game, where everything can happen.

Roger Vivier Prismick Denim Bucket

Camille Seydoux wearing Roger Vivier Prismick Denim