New Pinterest Place Pins feature debuts with a luxury hotel chain.

Place Pins: First luxury hotel company to offer a trip planning service on Pinterest. 

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is among the first companies to receive early launch access to Pinterest’s Place Pins, a new Pinterest feature that encourages exploration by adding details like the address of the place, and phone number to Pins associated with locations. Pinners can enjoy four map-enabled Pinterest boards on Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Pinterest page, including Gastronomic Travel, Concierge Recommends: Europe Uncovered, Extraordinary Honeymoons and Around the World by Private Jet.

Pinterest’s new Place Pins better assist in trip planning and uncovering local content. Pinners can Pin locations to create virtual maps, perfect for planning those next getaways.

Social media allows our guests to better understand the unique Four Seasons experience. By working collaboratively with Pinterest, the new Place Pins will complement Four Seasons online trip planning service, Pin.Pack.Go, which connects guests with Four Seasons local experts worldwide through collaborative boards on Pinterest,” said said Sorya Gaulin, Director, Corporate PR and Social Media, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

Launched in August, Pin.Pack.Go enables users to utilize the expertise of Four Seasons concierges around the world to plan their upcoming trips, making Four Seasons a part of the adventure from the very first Pin. With the new Place Pins feature, guests will be able to view their boards as a map, making planning and exploration easy. Place Pins will also be available on mobile, perfect for discovering places on the go.

To receive personalized recommendations from Four Seasons local experts and experiment with Place Pins, Pinners are encouraged to:

1. Create a Pin.Pack.Go board on Pinterest.

2. Leave a comment on the Pin.Pack.Go pin indicating which Four Seasons you’ll be visiting.

3. The Four Seasons hotel you specified will follow you on Pinterest. Follow back and invite the hotel to pin as a collaborator on your board. The hotel’s local experts will pin recommendations filled with insider knowledge and hidden gems.

4. Use Place Pins to explore the area around the hotel for additional recommendations and popular attractions.

5. Pack and Go!

In addition to being the first luxury hotel company to offer a trip planning service on Pinterest, Four Seasons has a strong presence on the platform with a primary Four Seasons page, a Four Seasons Bridal page and more than 70 active property pages across all regions – from Los Angeles to Paris to Bangkok to Bora Bora and beyond.