Phaeton Poltrona Frau Edition

Phaeton Poltrona Frau Edition—A “German-Italian Masterpiece” launched in China


Phaeton Poltrona Frau Edition, the outcome of the cross-brand cooperation between the Phaeton and Poltrona Frau, is a highly collectable German-Italy Master Piece.

Poltrona Frau Edition limited to only 99 units is Volkswagen’s most luxury and artistic model. This exclusive model is especially designed for business elites who pursues, in addition to business success, top quality of life and mobility.

Any consumer who purchases Phaeton Poltrona Frau receives a proprietary sofa of Poltrona Frau Bonnie as a present, coming with an exquisite cleaning kit that is exclusive for the Poltrona Frau sofa.

“It is the unremitting pursuit of craftsmanship and hand-made perfection that enables the cooperation between the Phaeton and Poltrona Frau. Phaeton Poltrona Frau Edition, as an excellent personalized and fully humanized handcrafted model, allows people to enjoy elegant and luxurious mobility,” said Paul Hu, Managing Director of Volkswagen Import said, .

Phaeton Poltrona Frau Edition was launched at this year Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao International Auto Show 2013.