With a dark and muscular profile, Overfinch Velocity is the most assertive Overfinch to date



For four decades, Overfinch have been redefining the iconic Range Rover, creating the most innovative, beautiful and spectacular vehicles.

Overfinch Velocity 2019-02

Overfinch Velocity 2019; @overfinch

Overfinch, the world’s leading creator of bespoke Range Rover vehicles, debuted the limited-edition Velocity model to the US, alongside two other tuned vehicles at the 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Overfinch were among an impressive display of some of the world’s most spectacular superyachts, helicopters, submarines, and exotic and collectible vehicles.

The limited-edition Overfinch Velocity, available for the Range Rover 5.0 V8 Autobiography or SV Autobiography, is restricted to just 10 vehicles globally. With a muscular profile, it is the most assertive Overfinch to date, featuring a styling package with crushed carbon fibre enhancements and 23” Cyclone wheels; a suggested alloy to complement the design. The Overfinch Velocity also includes the Lumière interior, a contemporary hexagonal-quilted leather to ensure superior comfort.

Overfinch Velocity 2019-at FLIBS 2019

Overfinch Velocity at FLIBS 2019; @Overfinch; @facebook.com/overfinchuk/

Velocity is a darker, bolder, more assertive Overfinch. The only limit is the future owner’s imagination.

Featuring a carbon fibre bonnet powerdome, carbon fibre wheel arch trims, and all-new forged 23” Cyclone wheels, Velocity creates a dramatic first impression. This limited-edition Overfinch is presented in a Satin Obsidian exterior with darkened herringbone-weave carbon fibre, black gold badging and a bespoke Ebony Lumière interior; an intense and alluring aesthetic.

These new features, together with the tuner’s signature carbon fibre grille, front and rear air dam and spoiler result in a muscular, imposing profile. The addition of the Overfinch Bluetooth performance exhaust system makes an aural statement every bit as commanding as Velocity’s on-road presence.

Available in standard and long-wheelbase forms and exclusively for 5.0 V8 Supercharged models, Velocity is also offered for the first time with the option of crushed carbon fibre details. Fine layers of carbon fibre are cut and laid by hand, resulting in a unique pattern – no two pieces will be the same, said Overfinch.

Overfinch V8 Soft Top in bespoke Emerald Green -

Overfinch V8 Soft Top in bespoke Emerald Green; @Overfinch

At this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, Overfinch presented the Overfinch V8 Soft Top in bespoke Emerald Green.

Overfinch V8 Soft Top in bespoke Emerald Green

Overfinch V8 Soft Top in bespoke Emerald Green; @Overfinch

Overfinch Velocity 2019-01

Overfinch Velocity 2019; @overfinch

Overfinch Velocity 2019

Overfinch Velocity 2019; @overfinch

Overfinch Velocity Interior 2019

Overfinch Velocity 2019; @overfinch