Norlha – “wealth of the Gods”. Speaking with Cristina Mugnaini

Norlha means the “wealth of the Gods”. An 2LUXURY2’s interview taken at 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Paris.

Khullu- Itinerary of a precious fiber

The yak thrives in temperatures below 30c at altitudes over 2.500m. Under its rough black hair is a dense layer of precious brown fiber that the nomads call khullu, which protects it from the extreme cold. Khullu is a soft fiber with exceptional insulating qualities. The best khullu comes from the two-year-old yak, or yaweir, which sheds its wool in the Spring. Only a small quantity of khullu can be gathered from each animal, making yak khullu a precious commodity.


To ensure the best quality, we meticulously source the softest wool. Khullu wool is bought directly from the nomad families in the surrounding pastures, thus providing the nomads with regular income and the best prices for their products. After collection, khullu is sorted according to quality and color. Grey and beige khullu is the most prized, because of its rarity.

Traditional techniques

Khullu is a short fiber that cannot be spun industrially unblended. In order to retain the purity of our raw material, we have based our techniques on hand spinning methods used in Central Tibet, India and Nepal. Innovative improvements have allowed us to increase efficiency and quality.

Authentic qualities

Norlha is the only company that guarantees pure, unblended 100% khullu. Khullu is recognized for its exceptional thermal qualities. Light and extremely durable, it combines the softness of cashmere with the ruggedness of camel.