The new fragrances you need for the season. A scent journey into the art of the rose: Guerlain, Roja Dove, Acqua Di Parma, Nasomatto, Diptyque, Yves Saint Laurent

Dolce & Gabbana Parfums Rosa Excelsa perfume ad

World’s top perfumers bring a refresh on our perfume wardrobe with new olfactory delights. Rose is clearly a prevailing theme for Spring 2016. Dolce & Gabbana Rosa Excelsa, Annick Goutal Rose PomPon, or Acqua Di Parma Rosa Nobile are all scent journeys into the art of the rose. Spring roses, Taif, Bulgarian, or Damask roses flourish in state-of-the-art bottles.

The newest bloom:

Yves Saint Laurent Le Vestiaire Des Parfums - Tuxedo

  • Yves Saint Laurent Le Vestiaire Des Parfums – Tuxedo (EDP, 125ml) / Exclusive at Harrods
    Yves Saint Laurent Le Vestiaire Des Parfums is a collection of fragrances that each interpret a centrepiece of the couturier’s wardrobe. Tuxedo eau de parfum encapsulates the matte texture of patchouli enlightened by the brightness of spices.

Top notes: Violet leaf and bergamot;
Middle notes: Rose oil and lily of the valley;
Base notes: Ambergris and patchouli.
Dolce & Gabbana Parfums Rosa Excelsa bottle top

  • Dolce & Gabbana Parfums Rosa Excelsa (EDP, 50ml)
    Dolce Rosa Excelsa, s a recurring motif seen throughout Dolce & Gabbana’s pieces, truly captures rose petals in bloom.
    Top notes: Neroli, papaya, white water lily, white daffodil.
    Middle notes: African dog rose, Turkish rose absolute.
    Base notes: Cashmere wood, sandalwood.Acqua Di Parma Rosa Nobile Special Edition
  • Acqua Di Parma Rosa Nobile Special Edition (EDP, 100ml)
    Acqua Di Parma Rosa Nobile Special Edition is a stylised interpretation of the Rose flower.
    Produced by the skilled hands of Tuscan craftsman, the bottle is brushed with 24 karat gold. The collection includes also Rosa Nobile Special Edition Refill (EDP, 100ml) and Rosa Nobile Shower Gel.Diptyque Eau Rose
  • Diptyque Eau Rose
    Freshly picked roses are expertly revitalised in this new perfume imagined like a rose infusion. Diptyque Eau Rose is a book opening the multiple olfactory facets of centifolia rose and damanesca rose.
    Top notes: bergamot, blackcurrant and lychee;
    Middle notes: centifolia rose and damanesca rose.
    Base notes: musk, cedar and honey.
    Bulgari Le Gemme Imperiali - Desiria
  • Bvlgari Le Gemme Imperiali – Desiria (EDP, 100ml) – the scent of a Chinese garden fantasized.
    The soul of the luscious Bvlgari Le Gemme Imperiali Desiria is the rare mauve jade gemstone. Desiria, meaning ‘desire’, conveys everlasting love and passion through “Mauve jade”.Annick Goutal Rose PomPon perfume 2016
  • Annick Goutal Rose PomPon (EDT, 100ml)
    The heart notes carry a duo of rose extracts, Bulgarian rose and Taïf rose which is a rare flower with a suave and sensual scent offered by its fruity, syrupy facets.

Top notes: Pink pepper, blackcurrant, raspberry;
Middle notes: Bulgarian rose, Taïf rose;
Base notes: Peony, cedar, patchouli, white musk.

Les Exceptions Mugler

  • Thierry Mugler fragrances – Les Exceptions Mugler
    Mugler Les Exceptions Supra Floral (EDP, 80ml) reinvents the floral family around a singular bold flower the Hyacinth, a flower that barely smells like a flower; crispy green with honeyed facets. The green petals of the Hyacinth is combined with incense and an amber base for an explosion of absolute femininity.
    Top notes: Hyacinth
    Middle notes: Incense
    Base notes: Amber.

Mugler Les Exceptions collection includes Fougere Furieuse, Cuir Impertinent, Over the Musk, Supra Floral, Chyprissime, and Oriental Express.
Burberry Fragrances - My Burberry Black Parfum 50ml - 90ml

  • Burberry Fragrances – My Burberry Black (Parfum, 50ml – 90ml)
    My Burberry Black, a collaboration between renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian and Burberry Creative Director Christopher Bailey, “My Burberry Black” is fusing the scent of sun- drenched jasmine flower and peach nectar with a sensual touch of rose.

Top notes: Jasmine;
Middle notes: Candied rose, peach nectar;
Base notes: Patchouli, amber.
GuerlainSantal Royal perfume bottle GuerlainSantal Royal perfume -

  • Guerlain Santal Royal Collector (EDP, 125ml)
    A woody oriental fragrance, Guerlain Santal Royal Collector is inspired by the rarest and most precious ingredients in the perfume world: sandalwood.

Top notes: Neroli, jasmine;
Middle notes: Peach, rose, cinnamon;
Base notes: Sandalwood, leather, amber, oud, musk.

Nasomatto Black Afgano Extrait, 30ml

  • Nasomatto Perfumes – Nasomatto Black Afgano (Extrait, 30ml)
    Amsterdam-based Nasomatto project fragrance evokes the best quality of Hashish. Nasomatto
    Black Afgano Extrait is the result of a quest to arouse the effects of temporary bliss.
  • Roje Dome Amore Mio Exclusive Perfume 2016
  • Roja Dove Amore Mio / Exclusive at Harrods (Parfum, 50ml;£375.00)

The sparkle of Bergamot and Mandarin counterpoints a rich bouquet of Rose and Gardenia. Enlivened by Ginger, Pink Pepper and Cinnamon, the whole nestling on a soft, powdery blend of Vanilla and Cocoa, made sensual by Cistus, Ambergris and Musk.

Top notes: Bergamot and mandarin;
Middle notes: Rose and gardenia;
Base notes: Ginger and pink pepper.
Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique Pour Homme

  • Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique Pour Homme (EDC, 200ml)
    Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique Pour Homme blends precious and refined ingredients fromall over the world with freshness of Italian bergamot countered at the heart by a strongmasculine patchouli essence from Indonesia and an inebriating siberian pine accord thatrecalls the powerful aromatic notes of Bottega Veneta Pour Homme.Top notes: Bergamot and citrus;
    Middle notes: Patchouli and Siberian pine;
    Base notes: Cedarwood.