4 of the Most Glorious Spa’s to Visit on a Superyacht Charter

4 of the Most Glorious SpaGÇÖs to Visit on a Superyacht Charter FRONT PIC

Luxury yacht charter summers are brimming with adventure, from taking the tender to discover remote pirate-laden Caribbean shores to throwing the dice and sipping champagne in Monaco’s best casinos, culinary jaunts across the Med, and lofty expeditions down ribbon like fjords and heaven-reaching mountains. Yet when the weariness of majestic sights and sounds start to seep into your bones nothing will recharge your batteries like a beautiful spa visit. MY Starfire boasts her own onboard spa for those who want to slip into the sauna on chilly Scandinavian nights, to celebrate in the hot tub in the midst of the Aegean Sea, or to indulge in a hands on massage after partying all night in the Balearics. Yet for those who want to step ashore for spa dreams on foreign far-flung lands here are a selection of the most sublime, sweet and beautiful choices across the cultured shores of Europe.

4 of the Most Glorious SpaGÇÖs to Visit on a Superyacht Charter LAST PIC

4 of the Most Glorious SpaGÇÖs to Visit on a Superyacht Charter TURKEY

D Hotel Maris’s ESPA Spa, Turkey

Finding your inner balance all starts with finding the perfect destination to do it in and this is where Turkey glitters like a candle in the dark. There is something about sailing your luxury yacht charter to a timeless land, where the waters turn from sapphire to turquoise, where the cliffs are carved from golden chalk, and where the olive groves tumble into the sea. When you tire of diving from the deck of MY Starfire into the shimmering blue, of taking the kayaks out around the coast, and of stretching out like a cat who got the cream on the sophisticated aft deck you can head to the D Hotel Maris’s ESPA spa for a little pampering. The backdrop of jagged mountains, blue seas, and private beaches makes the perfect mise en scene, the Balinese therapists know how to untangle aches and pains, and the sea salt, oil scrub and Aegean Sea shell massage will leave you drifting like a lotus on a pond with glorious golden skin that shines.

4 of the Most Glorious SpaGÇÖs to Visit on a Superyacht Charter ALICANTE

SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain

Boasting supremely clean living in the most beautiful of surroundings, the SHA Wellness Clinic is the perfect detox solution for those who want to take getting clear seriously but still seek that glorious glow of luxury. After overindulging on your luxury yacht charter, filling your world with champagne cocktails, tempting tapas, and late night soirees all summer, a week-long stint at the Sha Wellness Clinic could be exactly what you need. Tailored treatments are designed to help you feel reborn beneath the splendor of the mountains and the stretch of the hazy blue sea. Seaweed baths and wraps, swimming in the perfectly poised pool, resting in the Zen gardens, and nibbling on healthy and delectable gourmet food for the duration makes this one of the most lavish and loveliest retreats you could ever imagine. Perfect for preparing yourself to set sail once more across the bright breeze of the blue.

4 of the Most Glorious SpaGÇÖs to Visit on a Superyacht Charter NICE

Hotel Boscolo Exedra Nice Spa, France

The French Riviera is one of those supreme luxury yacht charter destinations that welcomes you home time and time again. Spend a MY Starfire summer rubbing shoulders with celebrities in Cannes, rolling the dice in Monaco and soaking up blue flag bliss at favored destinations along the Cote D’Azur. When you want a little R&R and the bubbling Jacuzzi, the spacious and shaded aft deck, and the cloud like beds of the master stateroom aren’t enough then the Hotel Boscolo Exedra Spa is the perfect port of call. The Deep Nature Spa boasts sensual and sensory architecture that will welcome you into an oasis of fluid shapes and feeling fabulous. Enjoy a scrub down in the Hammam, refresh your senses in the ice fountain, take a Mediterranean inspired massage, and sip something brimming with radiant health and
wellness at the Juice Bar.

4 of the Most Glorious SpaGÇÖs to Visit on a Superyacht Charter GREECE

Palia Kameni, Greece

Not quite your usual spa but one of Mother Nature’s finest, there are no juice bars or whipped up coconut rub massages but this volcanic spot only a stone’s throw from Santorini is brimming with natural bliss. MY Starfire and Santorini are a match made in heaven, you can nibble on mezze and read Homer on the billowing white aft deck, you can kayak around the coast, and you can raise a toast to killer sunsets from your front row seat out in the midst of the sea. On days when you want a little natural therapy then the hot springs of Palia Kameni boast balmy thirty-three-degree waters, thick luscious mud that leaves skin soft and glowing, and mineral rich magic that soothes all the senses. Getting to this natural made spa means mooring your tender offshore and plunging into cool crystal waters to swim the rest of the way to this remote spot, something that is splashed in romance straight from the start.