New built-in sound system by Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen launches new built-in sound system during CES

Danish high-end hi-fi maker Bang & Olufsen announced the launch of its latest built-in sound system at the International CES 2013. The integrated solution comprises two-way active speakers (BeoLab 15), an active subwoofer (BeoLab 16) and a rackready amplifier (Amplifier 1). All created specifically for in-wall or in-ceiling

The new system builds on a broad spectrum of signature Bang & Olufsen capabilities to “pack amazing sound into unexpected places”. The active speakers harness an array of high-end components to deliver expansive audio performance from very compact constructions.

“This active in-wall sound solution was conceived for installations where people want great sound without having to find room for freestanding speakers,” says product manager Michael Jensen. “The combination of two speakers and a subwoofer – all built-in, all with drivers powered by separate amps – delivers a premium sound experience throughout the room. And the motorised tilt adds a touch of practical magic to enhance the listening experience.”

The new tilt function on BeoLab 15 lets you aim high and middle tones right where you want them. Turn on the system, and the speaker automatically tilts out to pre-set angles to direct the sound for optimal listening. Turn off the system, and BeoLab 15 tilts back to flush position.

Each and every driver in the system’s active speakers is powered by its own amplifier. This allows Bang & Olufsen to pack high-performing components into compact speaker cabinets that are easy to build into most walls – and still sound amazing. The new system meets international building codes by keeping the amplifiers and speaker drivers separate. The innovative cable compensation feature automatically calibrates all cables at distances up to 100 metres to ensure optimal bass performance.

BeoLab 15 is a closed-cabinet, two-way active speaker with a ¾” tweeter and a 3” midrange, featuring tilt functionality for directing sound up to 45°from the default flush position.

BeoLab 16, the system’s active subwoofer, comprises two pairs of 4” woofers in separate sealed cabinets, played in-phase using the Acoustic Balance Principle to enable deep bass without unwanted wall vibrations.

Amplifier 1 contains six separate amplifiers. Two Class D units rated at 2 x 150 watts power up the subwoofer. Each BeoLab 15 gets 150 watts for the midrange, and 45 watts for the tweeter. Adaptive Bass Linearisation keeps the deep bass cultivated and crisp all the way down to 45 Hz.

Bang & Olufsen reported in January a 47-percent plunge in its second-quarter net profit and announced the closure of 125 stores – a “conscious strategy decision to improve the quality and sustainability of the retail network and the overall customer experience,” acccording to the Danish manufacturer.