The new Altuzarra x Etsy limited edition home décor capsule is sustainable designed and globally influenced


JAxEtsy: The new Altuzarra x Etsy Home Collection.

This collection, handmade by eight Etsy artisans, represents Altuzarra founder’s love for craftsmanship and of the handmade. The fashion designer partnered with eight global Etsy artisans to create a limited-edition home collection – perfect for adding that special touch to your space.

@Altuzarra x @etsy home décor collection/

The limited-edition Altuzarra x @etsy home décor collection embodies Joseph Altuzarra’s high regard for craftsmanship, beautifully brought to life by eight talented Etsy makers.

When pro fashion designer (and Etsy super-fan) Joseph Altuzarra decided to indulge his long-held passion for interiors, he knew exactly which global community of creatives would be his ultimate dream team. “I loved being able to collaborate with makers from different backgrounds,” he says. Read on to learn more about how the exclusive line came to life and shop the limited-edition designs.

For luxury fashion designer Joseph Altuzarra, whose sophisticated gowns and elegant separates have earned a loyal celebrity following, home decor has long been a source of inspiration. “When I design a collection, I like to imagine the interior space of the person I’m designing for,” he says. “It’s almost like a movie set; it’s all part of the narrative.” So last year, when we heard Joseph was an avid Etsy shopper and fan, we started dreaming about a collaboration that would bring his distinctive aesthetic to life in the everyday objects of our homes,” said etsy team.

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The limited-edition Altuzarra x Etsy collection, which features an exclusive range of decorative and functional home goods.

“I’ve always been inspired by craftsmen and makers,” Joseph says. “There’s something so special about things that are handmade.” Each of the items in the Altuzarra x Etsy line—from the rich, tie-dyed silk pillows sewn from repurposed Altuzarra runway collection fabrics to the show-stopping ceramic vases finished in a custom cognac-colored glaze—is not only a celebration of craftsmanship, it’s a way to bring warmth and delight into our everyday lives. “With the uncertainty we live with daily, being surrounded by objects and furnishings that give you a sense of comfort is so important,” Joseph says. “I wanted to create a collection that would bring people peace, joy, and happiness.”

Altuzarra x Etsy x Woven basket is one of the most expensive items of the capsule collection. This basket was weaved in the twill technique , with woven spiral that crosses the basket from the bottom to the top, and with a “cat-head” base which created the special round shape and four legs.The long neck ends in a wooden rim from prosopis tree, which was created espicially for this basket by Gai Katz, a local wood artist. Every item displays light shape changes since each basket is made by hand, without using mold.

@Altuzarra x @etsy home décor collection

The limited-edition home collection also includes dog beds. The dog mattresses include 4-inches of orthopedic foam that eliminates pressure points and increases breathability. Soft, supportive consistency conforms to weight and pressure to relieve achy joints, arthritis and hip dysplasia.Each mattress is water resistant so if your dog has an accident, the bed is 100% preserved. Each dog bed features a durable hidden handle so you can take the pup anywhere.

Inspired by global prints and natural materials, this collection infuses Joseph’s unique design aesthetic with a comfortable, durable bed that your home and your dog will love.

Crafted from leftover fabric from the Altuzarra Spring Summer 2016 fashion show, these gorgeous throw pillows bring the energy and drama of the runway straight to your living room. “They turned out beautifully, and they’re all the more special because they’re limited in quantity,” says Joseph. To help define and execute the vision, the designer joined forces with British Colombia-based seller Marika Rowe. “Together we narrowed down which fabric from my Etsy shop would pair perfectly with his vibrant material,” Marika says. “The entire pillow is stunning; I especially love the look of the invisible zipper, which gives it that extra elegance.”

@Altuzarra x @etsy home décor collection

@Altuzarra x @etsy home décor collection