New Alfa Romeo roadster to be produced by Mazda

Mazda and Fiat have signed an agreement to produce an Alfa Romeo Roadster at Fiat’s Japanese plant. The two vehicles will be significantly different and reflect the individual brands.

Mazda will produce an open-top two-seat sports car for Fiat’s Alfa Romeo brand at the Fiat Hiroshima, Japan plant beginning in 2015. The Mazda Roadster will be distinctly different than the Fiat model and will have it’s own style, engine and parts. The two vehicles will share a platform and have some similar qualities, but overall will be much different.

The new Alfa Romeo roadster will be produced for a global scale and will use the architecture of the next- generation Mazda MX-5. Both of the roadsters will have rear-wheel drive and will help to revive the small sports car market, that has received less attention in recent years.