Never Commit These 3 Faux Pas When Welcoming House Guests

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You may think a welcoming handshake and a well-stocked wine cellar is all that you need to create an experience for guests in your home. While those two features are certainly appreciated, they’re only the first step toward creating an inviting atmosphere during their stay. In fact, even the most well-meaning hostesses can create comfortable guest rooms without committing the following three faux pas.

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Forgetting to Rewash Sheets and Towels in Guest Rooms

When was the last time you used your guest room? Was it around Christmas when an aunt or grandmother stayed with you for a few days? If so, then it’s time to wash your guest sheets and towels to freshen them before your guests arrive.

Even if you already washed your sheets, they’ve likely been collecting dust for the past several months. The bedroom is one of the dustiest rooms in the house, as bedding material attracts dust mites. The sheets may be clean, but they can irritate allergens if they’re dusty.

Cleaning your sheets and towels also gives you the opportunity to welcome your guests with warm linens, creating a more homey environment. Chocolate on the pillows is optional, of course.

Failing to Get an HVAC System Tuneup for Guest Areas

If your guest room is typically unused throughout the year, you may not be aware of any problems with the HVAC system. This point is particularly true for people who have semi-attached or separate guesthouses with different air conditioning systems. If you don’t check to make sure your air conditioning system is cooling a guest room, you might have to call an emergency repair technician once your guests arrive.

Before your guests arrive, you should schedule an HVAC system tuneup at least twice a year to make sure air is flowing comfortably throughout your house. You don’t want your guests to spend their visit tossing and turning in an uncomfortable room.

Welcoming House Guests

Neglecting to Ask About Food Restrictions in Advance

A few days before your guests arrive, ask about any food allergies, intolerances, or restrictions that you should know about with your guests. Even if these guests have stayed in your home before, they may have made lifestyle changes that affect their eating habits. You don’t want to host a barbecue for a vegetarian or offer a glass of wine to someone who doesn’t drink alcohol.

While certain food restrictions don’t necessarily mean you have to ban those foods from your house — unless your guests have a serious allergy such as peanut butter — take the time to know your guests’ limits and accommodate for them. Plus, knowing about food issues ahead of time can help you stock your refrigerator with the right foods and find interesting recipes for dishes that will please your guests.

Being a host is all about anticipating your guests’ needs. By planning for their comfort ahead of time and avoiding the above house guest faux pas, you can make sure they feel relaxed and enjoy their time in your home.

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