Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme Collection

The creators of Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme Collection say the cream is a comprehensive answer for every one of your skin’s needs. A combination of exclusive active ingredients, including Artemia Salina and its extraordinary power to infuse skin with energy, regenerating and protecting it against cellular aging. The Diamond Collection’s delicate Mediterranean floral notes with a delicious scent of lavender delivers a bonus of wellbeing and relaxation.

Natura Bissé’s Diamond Extreme collection triggers your skin’s own defence mechanisms in order to repair your skin and protect it from harmful aggressors.

This gift set (£349.00 at Harrods) includes Diamond Extreme cream, and Diamond Extreme Eye in a gift box.

Diamond Extreme Bio Regeneration Cream provides a powerful lifting effect that instantly restores a youthful appearance. Strengthening the skin’s natural defence mechanism with Beta Gucans, it nourishes, hydrates and prevents water loss, protecting it from elements such as extreme weather, pollution or frequent flying.

Ursolic Acid and ATP Epidermal Modulator work in perfect synergy to regenerate and repair the skin, whilst sweet pea and edelweiss extract strengthen the skin’s natural defence mechanism and provide exceptional anti-oxidant protection (as well as smelling gorgeous).

Diamond Extreme Eye contains artemia salina, a bio-energy source derived from plankton, a marine extract considered to be a high-energy precursor that stimulates cell metabolism. It also contains an innovative regenerating molecule called Epidermal Self-Modulator to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier by targeting the nucleus of ageing skin cells for maximum results.

Created through biotechnology procedures and tested using DNA technology, it has a proven capability to modulate the renewal process of the skin, resulting in radiance, luminosity and youthfulness.