Montenegro – the New Riviera

Montenegro – The Miracle of the Balkans

Who would have thought that there might be a country that can delight you every kilometer? Crne Gora, a mixture of mountains, spectacular gorges, lakes and a 300 km Adriatic coastline, is considered a so-called new Riviera.

Good reason to buy a boat

Montenegro is certainly the place to buy your own boat or rent one (as a couple or with friends). The coast is spectacular and has very well developed marinas. In addition, crystal blue waters, although cooler than in Greece, have a rich flora and fauna. The coast offers plenty of coves and caves available only by
boat. If you are a lover of water sports is unnecessary to mention that the “new Riviera” can give you everything you think of – from snorkeling & scuba diving to water skiing, kayaking, paraseiling, kitesurfing, sailing and so on.

Some parts of the coast: from South to North

Ada Bojana – Is an artificially created island in the 19th century after the sinking Merito. Over the years the wreck and surrounding islets formed an island bordered on the one side by the Adriatic, and the other site by the river Bojana. Visit the scenery fisherman village and the restaurants. If you’re not too bashful, Ada Bojana is the number one destination in Montenegro when it comes to beaches dedicated to those who practice nudism.

Ulcinj – Is the southernmost town in Montenegro. In this city (once called Cita di Dolcinio) the writer Miguel de Cervantes stayed as prisoner for five years. Ulcinj’s Stari Grad is worth a visit.

Sveti Stefan – Once was a small fishing village. Currently in the UNESCO patrimony, Sveti Stefan is a symbol of high class tourism in Montenegro. Seventy years have meant for small island a full opening to the West (coincides with Sophia Lauren‘s acquisition of a villa on the island). The village museum was visited by many important personalities from the world of showbiz and fashion (Claudia Schiffer, Silvester Stalonne etc.), Sveti Stefan is one of the best maintained historical sites in Montenegro.

For a true luxury experience, try the former royal residence located close to the island of Sveti Stefan, now under the Aman Resorts Group umbrella or book one of the existing rooms on the island of Sveti Stefan.

Budva – It boasts more than 270 days with sunshine and the summer lasts, in fact, from May to October. Full of historical imprints left by the Romans, Greeks, Serbs, Venetians, Byzantines and Austro-Hungarians alike, Budva city welcomes you with a perfect mix between old and new. Extraordinarily beautiful villas, narrow streets, concerts and outdoor theater, boutiques, craft stores, museums, exhibitions and festivals …
That would be Budva in just some words. Along with this, beaches, the Mediterranean vegetation, fish products and seafood that you can serve in fancy restaurants.

Kotor Bay is another milestone that you must keep in mind. The stunning site is also under the patronage of UNESCO. Here are some personal visiting tips for Kotor Bay area:

– Book yourself at least one day to visit the city of Kotor, for those with strong lungs – a visit to the Sveti Ivan fortress, for the rest, visit Kotor. “Festina Lente!” as they say, and enjoy the walk step by step.

– Try, without hesitation, a trip to Lovcen National Park. The road is winding staggering, and the reward come in the form of magnificent panoramas.

– Visit the medieval town Perast, a former fishing village located about 15 km. from Kotor. From our point of view – the most beautiful place in the Bay of Kotor.

– Tivat is another place that is worthy. Tivat city and its luxurious superyacht marina Porto Montenegro is a tourist area that deserves special attention.

– Fortress Mumula – is just at the beginning of Kotor Bay, between Ostro and Arza capes. It can be reached only by boat and we recommend it as one of the most beautiful places for snorkeling in Montenegro.

I have to say two words about the road network in Montenegro. In short – if you are faint of heart then there can be problems. But if you truly enjoy driving – when Montenegro can offer you everything. Slopes, coils, straight lines and a a landscape that leaves you stunned.

Move north for just 30 kilometers to the largest freshwater lake in Europe waiting to be discovered.

Skadar lake offers huge “accomodation” for not less than 270 species of birds – including pelicans – who use the lake areas as a temporary home and “restaurant” during the annual migration. And since we speak of “home”, Skadarsko Jezero is shelter for more than 50 species of fish – including carp, perch, eel, etc.. What is really surprising, there is no mosquitoes and the water is extremely clean. Whether you are passionate about fishing, flora and fauna, or old places full of history, Lake Skadar is a “must see”.

And that’s not all. Go a little north and Durmitor National Park welcomes you. Over 2300 meters peaks are waiting to be conquered, technical routes or simply walking paths. We recommend Bobotov Kuk Peak – 2522 meters, a pleasant combination of trekking and hiking that gives an overview of what actually Durmitor is. Also in line with the National Park Durmitor, but farther east, I expect another challenge: Gora National Park with  secular Biodraska forest and “Katun” that awaits tourists with local goodies.

After we left, with nostalgia, but with the desire to visit a symbol of Montenegro: Tara River. The deepest canyon in Europe and second in the world – you guessed it: Tara canyon. Tara has 144 km. in length, of which 110 km. are on the Montenegro territory. Here the river has carved over centuries a rock canyon of than 70 km. And the point of maximum distance is 1350 meters. In 2005, The European Rafting Championship was held in Montenegro, and in 2009 The World Rafting Championship was held here.

Do you want to do rafting? 18 km are at your disposal. Do you want to do bungee jumping? Try the famous Durdevica Tara bridge.

I conclude by saying only this: a life deserves at least once visit to Montenegro.