Meet The First E-Type Fitted With Electrogenic’s Game Changing Plug-and-Play, Drop-in EV Conversion Kit

 And The Package is Entirely Reversible…

As Electrogenic continues to electrify classic cars with their pioneering conversions, enthusiasts around the globe eagerly await the opportunity to experience clean and reliable classic motoring on a larger scale.

Electrogenic Electrifies the Classic Car World with Game-Changing EV Conversions.

In the realm of classic cars, where the charm of yesteryear meets the demands of the future, British EV company Electrogenic is making waves with its revolutionary EV conversions. Internationally renowned for its market-leading expertise, Electrogenic has recently unveiled its first customer Jaguar E-Type fitted with a cutting-edge plug-and-play EV conversion kit, much to the delight of classic car enthusiasts worldwide.

The iconic 1962 Series 1 Roadster, a true beauty of British design, has undergone a remarkable transformation thanks to Electrogenic’s proprietary EV powertrain kit. This innovative conversion ensures that the timeless E-Type will continue to captivate hearts for years to come while embracing the clean and efficient electric performance of the modern era.

One of the standout features of Electrogenic’s conversion kits is their ease of installation and reversibility, making them a favorite among classic car owners. These “drop-in” kits can be effortlessly fitted by Electrogenic’s expanding network of partner installers, allowing the stunning 1960s machines to benefit from sensational electric performance without compromising their originality.

Furthermore, Electrogenic’s clever packaging and groundbreaking battery pack construction have resulted in electrified classics that are even lighter than their original counterparts, blending the best of both worlds – vintage charm and contemporary efficiency.

The success of Electrogenic’s “drop-in” kits can be attributed to the company’s unwavering dedication to innovation and their vast experience in bespoke EV conversions. These kits, available globally through Electrogenic’s partner network, incorporate the state-of-the-art technology that has fueled the company’s remarkable growth in recent years.

Steve Drummond, Co-Founder of Electrogenic, expressed his excitement about the first customer E-Type fitted with their game-changing conversion kit, stating, “Thanks to our cutting-edge, proprietary EV technology, the E-Type – for many the most beautiful car of all – is now just as good to drive as it is to look at. Our drop-in kit range preserves this true British design icon for the future, ensuring it can be admired – and enjoyed – by generations to come.”

@Electrogenic Jaguar E-Type conversion package

The Jaguar E-Type conversion package is just one of the options available in Electrogenic’s comprehensive “drop-in” kit range, offered under their “Powered by Electrogenic” technology arm.

Other iconic models, including the Land Rover, classic Mini, Porsche 911, and Triumph Stag, can also benefit from Electrogenic’s ingeniously packaged, easy-to-install EV powertrain solutions, ensuring their long-term viability in the evolving automotive landscape.

Designed with simplicity in mind, these conversion kits can be effortlessly installed by qualified technicians and seamlessly integrate into the existing architecture of the vehicle. What sets Electrogenic apart is their commitment to preserving the authenticity of these classics, ensuring that the conversion is entirely reversible.

The first E-Type to receive Electrogenic’s kit, finished in a stunning opalescent silver blue, features the E43 package. Equipped with 43kW of brand-new, OEM-grade batteries, it offers a real-world driving range of 150+ miles. With 160bhp (120kW) and an impressive 460 lb/ft (620Nm) of instant torque, the E43 kit-equipped E-Type can achieve 0-60 mph in under 6 seconds, delivering exhilarating performance at any speed. The kits are paired with a meticulously packaged single-speed, fixed ratio transmission.

Electrogenic’s E-Type conversion range also includes larger-capacity options, namely the E48 and E63. These kits feature 48kW and 63kW of batteries, providing respective driving ranges of 160 miles and 200+ miles. Despite their increased capabilities, the kits manage to maintain the original weight distribution, ensuring superb handling characteristics.

With their innovative battery placement, Electrogenic’s conversions maximize the available space within the E-Type’s original structure. The batteries are positioned low in the engine bay, replacing the cast-iron engine block, and at the rear of the car, in place of the fuel tank and spare wheel. Even in the larger E63 variant, the Electrogenic electrified E-Type remains as light as its conventionally powered counterpart, thanks to the use of lightweight components.

@Electrogenic Jaguar E-Type conversion package

To offer an unparalleled driving experience, Electrogenic has extensively developed its E-Type conversion packages, incorporating modern features and advanced software. These packages include optimized Eco, Sport, and Traffic profiles, along with energy-recouping regen for the brakes and throttle. The settings are infinitely configurable, allowing owners to tailor their driving experience according to their preferences.

In a clever nod to the original E-Type, Electrogenic has repurposed the Smiths instruments to display vital information. The fuel gauge now shows the state of charge, the oil temperature gauge indicates charger temperature, engine temperature is replaced by motor temperature, and the RPM gauge reflects the motor RPM with a scale factor of half.

Electrogenic’s E-Type conversion kit is compatible with Series 1 to 3 cars, both in Coupe and Roadster form. Rapid CCS charging comes as standard, offering total convenience with a full charge taking approximately 50 minutes.

Drummond expressed his satisfaction with the international demand for their drop-in kits, saying, “It’s immensely satisfying to now be delivering kit converted classics – like this stunning E-Type – to new owners all over the world, ready to be enjoyed for decades to come.” He also hinted at more exciting announcements in the pipeline, emphasizing that this is just the beginning of an exhilarating chapter for Electrogenic.

@Electrogenic Jaguar E-Type Fitted with Electrogenic’s Game Changing Plug-and-Play, Drop-in EV Conversion Kit