MB&F’s timepiece with a 1970s twist: HM5 On The Road Again

MB&F’s HM5 “On The Road Again” Watch



MB&F’s HM5 takes the 1970s icons and now, 40 years into the future, puts them “On the Road Again” with a new Horological Machine called HM5. The futuristic case is inspired by the early 1970s, when “everything seemed possible: humanoid robots, jet-packs and flying cars”. The supercars, hovercrafts, the supersonic Concorde, Apollo moon landings… and high-precision quartz watches were the stars of the time.

From supercars like the Lamborghini Miura , the Swiss uber-luxury watch manufacturer founded by Maximilian Büsser, took the details, bodywork, rear flaps, exhaust ports and dashboard.The wedge-shaped case of HM5 On the Road Again is a direct homage to the Amida Digitrend watch brand. The hour and minute displays look straightforward, but they are bi-directional jumping hours with indications inversed, reflected 90° to the vertical and magnified 20%;

“An optical grade sapphire prism reflects the horizontal hour and minutes so that they display vertically and a convex lens magnifies the numeral by 20% for improved legibility. The vertical forward-facing display makes HM5 an excellent driver’s watch as there is no need to lift your wrist from the steering wheel to read the display,” explains MB&F.

MB&F HM5 “On The Road Again” watch is released as a limited edition of 66 pieces in zirconium and comes at a price of ~$58,000.