Luxury pet bed suitable for dogs or cats

We like to have something comfortable to sleep on and so do they. How to provide the best sleep for your doggy? Doggy In Wonderland‘s vision of the cozy place to sleep or rest for your pet is a new luxury pet bed line made with real wood, hdf and acryllic poles. They come in a variety of colors and designs sure to appeal to everyone. These beds are custom made and include a personalized name plate with a choice of four shapes including crown, oval, bone or fish. =The new personalized canopy covered pet bed is suitable for dogs or cats.

Other items included with the bed are a washable mattress cover, canopy top, and curtains. These luxury pet beds are Made in the USA. The portfolio of luxury dog beds includes eco-friendly dog beds and orthopedic dog beds for the pups who are getting a little older and have arthritis or just need a little extra care.