Burberry moving to online and TV advertising – 60% of marketing spend to digital

Burberry has switched the focus of its marketing away from glossy print advertising in favour of digital investment.

The luxury fashion brand is promoting the launch of its fragrance Burberry Body through Facebook, instead of glossy fashion magazines for the first time, according to the Financial Times.

The brand now spends 60% of its marketing budget on digital channels such as Facebook, which is more than three times the average investment.

The Facebook promotion offers fans of the brand a free sample of the scent, which will be sent to their home address, in return for allowing the brand’s application access to their data on Facebook.

Burberry is also planning to launch its first TV ad campaign to support the launch of the fragrance. The TV ad will air in the US, Europe and Asia later this month.

The ad will break first on Burberry’s YouTube channel as part of a takeover of the online video sharing network.