Luxurious Design Ideas to Add To Your Dream Home

Dream homes come in many shapes, sizes and colours. It can include a whole range of amenities and conveniences like backyard pools, gyms, saunas, game rooms, and fully-stocked kitchens. From the simple and basic to rustic cosy, to outrageously glamorous or creatively clever — whatever maybe your theme preference, adding a dash of luxury can make a world of difference in how your home looks and feels.

If you’re looking to make your dream home a little more opulent, here are some luxury design ideas that can exude comfort, luxury, and sophistication.

  • Feature an antique or heirloom

A rare antique or a historic heirloom that can be recreated will give your dream home a sense of royalty. This can be large-scale accessories like over-sized wall décor or light fixtures, and even small trinkets like jewellery boxes or sculptures. A vintage flair is a high-impact design element that can start conversations and attract focus. It can really add to the luxury quotient of your dream home.

  • Natural colours and textures

Rustic is the new word in luxurious cosy these days. From all-natural stone finishes to exposed beams or brick work, grain-work panelling and recycled materials. Expanding on this idea, the creative use of natural forms such as rocks and plants, earthy colour accents, even shabby chic furniture can add a natural feel to your dream home.

  • Frosted Glass

Add a luxurious dimension to your windows, glass doors and balustrade panels with frosted glass. Frosted glass can have various designs which can be art as well as patterns. In addition, types like satin finish, clear glass designs, acid frosted and sandblasted options can leave you spoilt for choice. Frosted glass add a decorative dimension to your dream home as they accent the natural light entering your house and also provide added privacy.

Luxury Living Group The Residence;

  • Magical lighting plans

Recessed ceilings that conceal rope lighting fixtures provide a warm glow that is evident around the perimeter of the rooms. You can also create neat little recessed formations for pools of brightness. Another luxurious idea would be to add huge chandeliers, clusters of twinkling illumination among others. These creative lighting spots will add luxury to your dream home in two ways, by providing illumination and by creating a unique atmosphere.


  • Lighted mirrors

When it comes to light, mirrors can be an excellent companion. A LED mirror is an opulent addition to any room of your dream house, especially bathrooms. They bring in abundant natural daylight to your rooms, making them look spacious and elegant. Lighted mirrors come in various styles and even feature custom etchings to reflect your personal style.

Modern amenities, creative additions and design ideas can make luxury attainable to everyone. However, the meaning of luxury varies from one individual to another depending on lifestyle goals and also tastes in décor. Clearlight Designs can certainly help you add a feeling of luxurious extravagance to your dream home with quality lighted mirrors and custom frosted glass options.