The Louvre museum inspires the new DS 7 Crossback Louvre Limited Edition


DS Automobiles DS 7 Crossback Louvre Limited Edition @DS Automobiles

Louvre, A majestic signature that only DS 7 Crossback can carry off.

This new limited edition from DS encourages you to discover the most iconic works from the most beautiful museum in the world. Thanks to a partnership with the Louvre museum from the creation of DS Automobiles, DS 7 Crossback is now being offered as an exclusive “Louvre” limited edition, complete with unique features. Since its launch in 2015, DS Automobiles has been a patron of the Louvre museum.

DS Automobiles DS 7 Crossback Louvre Limited Edition @DS Automobiles

182 iconic pieces of art from the Louvre are shown on the large central screen, together with podcasts in five languages.

Opened to everyone in 1793 as a general museum, the Louvre shows collections that feature among the most beautiful in the world, covering nine millenia and five continents. Divided into eight departments, it houses more than 35,000 universally admired works of art such as the Monna Lisa, The Winged Victory of Samothrace and the Vénus de Milo. A living, inspirational place, created for artists, the Louvre museum still welcomes contemporary art to this day, symbolised by the Ieoh Ming Pei Pyramid which celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in 2019. As a keeper of this unique legacy that it shares and brings to life, the Louvre museum is the most visited in the world.

Hints of the Louvre museum are replicated by the automotive manufacturer’s craftsmen in DS 7 Crossback LOUVRE with special “Louvre”  badges incorporated subtly onto the bonnet, the front doors and tailgate. The DS Wings and window surrounds are highlighted with Gloss Black, as are the roof bars and rear light trim.

Personalised to the smallest details, DS 7 Crossback LOUVRE adds a touch of elegance with the laser Pyramid etching on the black door  mirror housings. As a final point of exterior sophistication, DS 7 Crossback LOUVRE ushers in a new 20-inch ALEXANDRIA alloy wheel design.

Inside, the Ieoh Ming Pei Pyramid pattern is displayed subtly by a 3D image on the air vents, the dashboard and by embossing on the Nappa Leather lid of the central storage compartment.

DS Automobiles DS 7 Crossback Louvre Limited Edition @DS Automobiles

To delight the senses, DS 7 Crossback LOUVRE shows these pieces of art on the large, high-definition 12-inch central touchscreen. From the off, each work is also transformed into a source of inspiration through listening to a podcast that’s about four minutes long which reveals all their secrets (available in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian).

182 works have been selected by teams from the Louvre museum and DS Automobiles to represent every collection and department. They can be viewed each week or found through a search engine to enhance DS 7 Crossback LOUVRE’s interior. The ultimate in sophistication is being able to travel with a work of art – painting or sculpture – displayed on the central screen.

The Winged Victory of Samothrace, the portrait of the Monna Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci, The Wedding at Cana by Véronèse, The
Consecration of the Emperor Napoléon 1st by Jacques-Louis David, The Raft of the Medusa by Théodore Géricault, Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix and the Egyptian statue of the Seated Scribe are among the works offered.

Another exclusive benefit: every DS 7 Crossback LOUVRE customer is being given a “Friends of the Louvre” card which guarantees them  unlimited admission to the permanent collections and to temporary exhibitions at the Louvre museum but also to the musée national Eugène- Delacroix, with priority access to the Louvre museum through the passage Richelieu, one free entry for a companion, free entry to the Gallery of Time at the Louvre Lens and the Louvre Abu Dhabi and other offers in more than a hundred other museums for a year.

DS Automobiles DS 7 Crossback Louvre Limited Edition @DS Automobiles

Two plug-in hybrid power units with record consumption, petrol and diesel.

To ensure the art of travel DS 7 Crossback LOUVRE is being offered with two plug-in hybrid power units, of 300 horsepower (4-wheel drive transmission) or 225 horsepower (2-wheel drive) with CO2 emissions between 36 and 38g/km and fuel consumption less than 1.7 litre/100km on the combined cycle. In 100% electric zero-emissions mode, range can be 58 kilometres according to the WLTP standard. The 300- horsepower version can reach 100km/h in 5.9 seconds and covers 1000 metres start-stop in 25.9 seconds.

Petrol engines with 180 and 225 horsepower and diesel with 180 horsepower are also being offered.

Based on the Grand Chic specification and the DS Inspiration OPERA ART BASALT BLACK, symbolic of French automotive expertise, DS7 Crossback LOUVRE combines numerous examples of high tech equipment with luxury and – as standard – DS CONNECTED PILOT, a level 2 autonomous driving system, DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION, camera-controlled suspension, DS ACTIVE LED VISION, for responsive lighting, as well as numerous driver aids, including Extended Traffic Sign Recognition, Active Blind Spot Detection, Driver Attention Alert using a camera and Lane Departure Warning plus heated, massaging and cooled front seats and a heated windscreen.

DS Automobiles DS 7 Crossback Louvre Limited Edition @DS Automobiles

DS Automobiles DS 7 Crossback Louvre Limited Edition @DS Automobiles