Common Plumbing Issues: Which Ones Are You Most Likely to Face?



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Are Australian plumbing issues any different from the problems faced by people in the other continents? Mostly not, but depending on where you are located exactly in Australia, some plumbing issues are more likely to give you a hard time than others. With that in mind, let’s go through a few of the common plumbing issues and a brief summary on how to handle them.


Clogged Toilets

A clogged toilet is a result of an underlying plumbing problem that originates from deeper down the pipes and drainage system. As should be obvious, this is pretty much a universal problem that plagues all nations alike. Nevertheless, you need local experts to fix the globally common plumbing issue, which is where a company like Gillies Group comes in. If you need a plumber Perth has trusted for years, they will send you one with expertise, training, experience and the tools to get your problem fixed right away, rather than getting it done the next day. They can handle any possible issues with local plumbing, and even install/replace water heaters, fixtures, etc. if you need them to. Just pay the site a quick visit and you could be looking at lowered water bills, excellent water force, and of course, a properly flushing toilet in no time at all.

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Suspiciously Slow Drainage

Before a toilet or a sink is completely blocked, the most common sign is slow drainage. Slow drainage is a suspiciously common sign that  something or a lot of things together are beginning to significantly affect the water drainage. If you do not act in time and call your local plumber, it will soon result in a clogged drainage system.

Trying to clear it out with the old plunger is actually a good idea, but if that does not work, call in the experts before the partial block becomes a full-blown clog. It will cost you more money to get it fixed then than it will when there is only a partial blockage.

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Poor Water Pressure

There are so many problems that can be responsible for weakened water pressure and a disappointingly weak shower. A few of them can be highlighted as shown below:

  • Iron and other minerals are the main culprits that can partially block your plumbing system, a particular pipe, or perhaps just the aerators;
  • A leaking pipe will not allow water to reach residential outlets through it with the same force that it is supposed to.
  • A burst pipe will result in significantly lowered water pressure, which will either lead to dribbles or no water from the outlets at all;
  • A burst pipe will also result in flooding unless addressed as soon as possible;
  • The plumbing system is poorly planned in relation to the building’s elevation and design.

Depending on what the issue is exactly, appropriate steps will need to be taken and they can be costly. However, it is for certain that the sooner you act, the less damaging the plumbing job will be for your finances. Delays can lead to flooding, unseen water damage behind the walls and even a collapsed roof, to name just a few of the dangerous possibilities.

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